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Smart E Hotels help independently owned hotels and small hotel chains maximize their GDS and booking engine sales.

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What’s New  part II

What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems Part II

RM System On Oct 27, 2013  By  0

Continuing our look at What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems, this time we cover two more stars on the software horizon, both traditional and cloud-based. Read More

What’s New Part 1

What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems part I

RM System On Oct 12, 2013  By  0

Hotel revenue management (or yield management) is the lifeblood of every hotel, small independent to international chain. It’s also an eternal source of stress for hotel Read More

the Right One

Hotel Revenue Management Systems: How to Choose the Right One

RM System On Feb 7, 2013  By  0

During our series on Yield Management Strategies, we covered the basics using simple, easy-to-understand examples. As we emphasized, though, if you’ve been running your small Read More