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Sean O’Neill have  been a part-time reporter covering travel technology companies for Tnooz, a London-based website since 2012.
Sean  blog mostly B2B trade news, with  averaged 150 posts a year during the past several years.
He previously did consumer journalism. Between March 2011 and February 2014, I was a contributor to BBC Travel, mainly writing about travel technology. My February 2014 peek inside hotel design labs is fairly representative.

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Hotel revenue management software 1

Hotel revenue management software has its Pharrell Williams moment

RM System On Apr 15, 2015  By  0

Since the 1990s, revenue management software (RMS) has promised to take the guesswork out of rate-setting. Yet most hotels still don’t use it. That may seem odd, given the Read More 3 says it isn’t harming hotel owners by putting canceled rooms up for resale

OTA On Oct 19, 2012  By  0 has no reservations about its new re-sale practice for canceled rooms. Since the start of this year, has implemented a function, market by Read More