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Uwe has been a hospitality professional for 15 years with 10 years of experience in Revenue Management. He has worked in Europe, Asia and in the Caribbean for both, hotel chains and standalone hotel properties, in different revenue management key positions. He has just recently entered the world of blogging and would love to share his experiences and ways of seeing the work of a Revenue Manager. The intention of his blog is to teach everyone interested and to share best practices used in today’s revenue management environment.

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Displacement Analysis – Go for Profit!

Back To Basics On Nov 30, 2013  By  0

Should I take the group with 10 rooms at $200 or the group with 20 rooms at $100? Most revenue managers ask themselves that particular Read More

market Share

How to steal (back) market shares from OTAs? Part 2 – How a Revenue Manager can influence

OTA On Oct 31, 2013  By  0

I hope everybody had some time to review part one and do some actions already. This part focuses more on the ‘how to use your Read More

Market Share

How to steal (back) market shares from OTAs? Part 1: Set-up your brand.com

OTA On Oct 31, 2013  By  0

One thing upfront; It will cost you money! If you don’t want to spend money, then those advices are not the right ones for you! Read More

Budget for Hotels  – Needed or Already Outdated

Budget for Hotels – Needed or Already Outdated?

Budgeting On Sep 22, 2013  By  0

  Some hotels call their ‘classic’ budgets business plan or marketing plan or other synonyms, but regardless the name, they all have the same kind Read More

Hotel Forecast

What is Forecasting?

Forecasting On Aug 19, 2013  By  0

What is forecasting for a revenue manager?! Actually it is just one part of all his/her duties, BUT it is one of the most important Read More