How to get Revenue Managet Right for 2022

How to Get Revenue Management Right for 2022

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As vaccination programs continue to find success against Covid-19, lockdown policies are easing, and hotels are reopening. Tentative steps are being made toward the resumption Read More

How to get revenue management right for 2021

How to Get Revenue Management Right for 2021

Blog, Revenue Management On Dec 4, 2020  By  0

Here we are again with our yearly opinion article about how to get revenue management right for 2021. The last few months with the COVID-19 Read More

10 revenue management tips

10 Tips for Hotel Operations Team during Coronavirus Outbreak Exclusive

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At the start of 2020, the hotel industry’s show growth and rising revenue looked vulnerable. Now the spread of the coronavirus threatens to make it Read More


The Impact of Coronavirus on Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Airline and Travel)

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The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak that showed its first signs in December 2019 on January 30, 2020. Initial indications are that tourist Read More


How to Get Revenue Management Right for 2020 and Beyond?

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It is only few days and 2020 is approaching us, everyone in the industry might be busy for closing 2019 successfully and plan ahead for Read More

Destroy Hotel Profits

Profit Management vs Revenue Management, what hoteliers need to measure?

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Your property bottom line is defined and measured for success if you as the property revenue manager implement a good revenue management strategy with the help Read More


Can GOP PAR be an alternative to widely used REV PAR for hotel performance? Advantages and disadvantages Analysis.

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Long-time ago for hotel industry performance analysis, there are two simple traditional indicators were used: ADR (average room rate) and the percentage of occupancy. Then with Read More

Channle Manager

Why now is the Time for Hoteliers to Leverage Channel Manager?

Blog, RM System On Nov 11, 2019  By  0

Choosing the correct hotel Channel Manager is always a critical decision for hotels. There are many factors can be taken into consideration when you decide Read More

Why are hotels sleepwalking into a state of increased OTA dependency?

The Future of Revenue Management with the OTA’s

Blog On Feb 12, 2019  By  0

Nowadays hotel revenue management has become a somewhat controversial buzzword in hotel industry, back in the day, revenue management meant opening and closing availability and Read More

Revenue Manager 24

The future of Revenue Management leadership: What should Revenue Manager know?

Blog, Revenue Manager On Feb 3, 2019  By  0

While the hospitality industry has an ongoing need for managers at all levels, the need is even greater for revenue managers who possess the long-term mindset, capabilities and Read More