Revenue Management: The Creative Strategies and Additional Sources of Revenue Exclusive

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It’s usually a safe bet to assume that any hotel would like to increase its revenue and acquire more profits. High-performing hotels foster a culture Read More


Avoiding Price Wars: Exploring Discounting and Strategies that Determine Your Rates

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Price is the amount your customers pay for your product. Pricing is more than a number we calculate: it is the process of monetizing your Read More

Online Travel Agent

OTAs, the Traditional VS Eccentric, Revenue Manager: You Better be Ready

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In today’s competitive environment, your hotel success depends more than ever on a strong, differentiated market presence, and with the midst of improving economic climate Read More

valuation Revenue Management System

Consideration for Evaluation Revenue Management System

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If you have a RMS system, would you rely more on your own judgment, competition and trends then the systems? here is some Consideration for Evaluation Read More

Integrity Pricing

Integrity Price during the Economic downturn

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Tough times require creative solutions not just business as usual!  Not only are hotels being buffeted by the economy but also by the new competitive Read More


What a Booking Misunderstanding Might Caused to a Guest Exclusive

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This is a true story by one guest about a problem with a hotel honoring a room price. Through the internet the guest tried to Read More

You Forget Your Forecasting Tools

Revenue Manager, You Forget Your Forecasting Tools

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   Forecasting is the process of estimation in unknown situations. All successful revenue management strategies  are based on the ability to forecast demand accurately and Read More

Hotel Budget

Revenue Managers, You and Your Upcoming Budget

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  Good budgeting is the foundation for great rate management. Integrating of many factors i.e. positioning your hotel, market segmentation, rate parity along with the Read More

In Recession Time  Can We Close A Good Deal

In Recession Time, Can We Close A Good Deal?

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In more than 18-year “adult” career, I have often enjoyed the opportunity to speak with younger people about careers, finding sometimes, especially in the slow Read More

The outlook for the hotel industry during the current stagnant economy

The outlook for the hotel industry during the current stagnant economy

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Given the current state of the economy, and the growing consensus that a recession is near, if not here, what is the outlook for the Read More