Thinking Differently in Hospitality

Thinking Differently in Hospitality

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  Working with hospitality companies over the years has taught our team to always expect the unexpected; regarding ideas, opinions, egos and random thoughts on Read More

Online Traveler Reviews

How To Respond To Online Traveler Reviews – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

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In an increasingly technologically savvy world, it has become second nature for both business and leisure travelers to turn to the internet to research for Read More

Hotel Performance Dashboard

Understanding the New Hotel Performance Dashboard

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 Understanding what guests are saying about their stay at your hotel and what is influencing their perspective enables your marketing and operational executives to determine Read More

Customers Complaining

Meet Your Complaining Customers, What Causes Them To Complain, And How Complaints Affect Your Business

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If you are a manager, frontline or back-of-the-house employee in the hospitality industry, or in any business for that matter that provides customer service, you Read More

under performance

How Hotel Owners and GMs can Change ‘The Top 10 Reasons Why Hotels Underperform’ – Part 2

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In Part I, I covered the first five reasons why hotels underperform in response to what hospitality professionals felt were the top 10 reasons why hotels underperform. Read More

Who Is More Important

GM or Guest, Who Is More Important

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Evil Erik recently complained about all those guests who believe that they deserve the best service and expressed his surprise that some of them even Read More

A Guide to Motivating Employees

A Guide to Motivating Employees

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Walk around the office of Dixon Schwabl in Victor, New York, and you’ll see countless paper notes tacked inside the employees’ cubicles. Each handwritten piece Read More

Communication Program

4 at 4: Tea Time With the GM Communication Program Part I

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I started this HR (Human Relations) program on my second day in the GM’s office at Avari Towers Karachi, where it continues to the present Read More

Tea Time With the GM Communication Program

4 at 4: Tea Time With the GM Communication Program Part II

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Items to be assembled before the meeting are all the invitee’s personal files, and the tea trolley, with the GM’s computer, mobile phones and office Read More

Give More to Get More

Article 10 – Give More to Get More…

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Hugo Chavez considers Fidel Castro to be his. Richard Branson says that Freddie Laker was one for him. Apparently, the late Ayrton Senna played the Read More