Experience The Great Play of the New Hospitality

Experience: The Great Play of the New Hospitality

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  As I mentioned in other articles, Experiential Hospitality is based on the design of positive holistic experiences on the guests. This design is very Read More

Hotel Experience - General vs Special

Hotel Experience: General vs Special

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When we say ‘great hotel experience’, we get this special feeling of enjoyment from using hotel facilities. Hotel experience is usually defined as a combination Read More

The Value of a Strong Brand

The Value of a Strong Brand: Show Business Lessons for Hoteliers.

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Every hotel – from international chain hotels like Hilton, Marriott, or Mandarin Oriental to small Good Night Inns in the middle of some small towns Read More

The Language Of Hospitality

Train Your Hotel Team To Use The Language Of Hospitality: Part One

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Although there is no doubt that non-verbal signals such as eye contact, body language, and facial expressions strongly help convey meaning during human interactions, the Read More

6 Hotel Industry Trends

6 Hotel Industry Trends You Should Know About

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As a hospitality sector business, you would like to stay in-sync with the latest trends in the global hotel industry. This is rather important since Read More

Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Sales/Marketing Departments that will Improve Revenue

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  Your sales department has just gone through a rigorous and expensive training designed to improve their closing ratio. They have been very diligent in Read More

great customer service

How to achieve great customer service

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The service your guests receive will often be the most memorable part of their stay. Few people will return by choice, where they’ve experienced poor Read More

Online Review and Reputation Management Trends for Hotels in 2012

Online Review and Reputation Management Trends for Hotels in 2012

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In 2011 the use of online reviews and social media reached an unprecedented level of adoption within the hotel industry – becoming nearly universally embraced Read More

Earn and Re-Earn Your Customers’ Loyalty

Earn and Re-Earn Your Customers’ Loyalty

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When I am traveling in the U.S., my favorite airline is Southwest Airlines. It is very obvious to me that Southwest understands that customer service Read More

Hops and dreams for hospitality

Hopes and Dreams for 2012: What Will the Hotel Industry Look Like Next Year?

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With the New Year comes new goals for the hotel industry. Beyond the traditional ADR and RevPar benchmarks, hoteliers looking to make the most of Read More