right mind

The hotel industry is not in its right mind

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No! I don’t mean that the hospitality industry is going crazy by any means. What I am stating is that a good majority of the Read More

Customer service phrases to avoid

Customer service phrases to avoid

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I was always taught that customer service = the “cheerful giving of attention”.  I doubt that these next 5 phrases will make any customer very Read More

Upset customers

Upset customers: three root causes

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How great would it be for your hospitality enterprise to be organisationally self-aware, engaged and have the abilities to self manage the core causes for Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Leaving You

7 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Leaving You

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When complaining customers walk away from your business, it’s easy to understand why. What about those who go quietly? If you think about it and Read More

5 Steps to Making Your Customer Service Really Shine

5 Steps to Making Your Customer Service Really Shine

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Whatever your business is, your customers don’t really care how good and unique your products or services are. Unless they are 100% satisfied with the Read More

Align Departmental Goals with the Hotel’s Goals to Increase Revenue and Employee Satisfaction

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It is 2:00PM on a Monday. Beth, the salesperson, has decided she needs some caffeine so has stepped away from her desk. Her phone rings Read More

the right business strategy

Do you think your hotel has the right business strategy?

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Your business strategy approach can influence so many different aspects in your company, from where you put your leadership and management focus, to how you Read More

Customer Service 1

It is against company policy , words you must never say to a guest

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Have you ever walked into a store or been a guest at hotel and had a problem that was “out of the ordinary”? Of course Read More


The World’s Most Exclusive Hotel Suites

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With Valentine’s Day just two days away, Wealth-X, the world’s leading ultra high net worth intelligence and prospecting firm, reveals the world’s most exclusive hotel Read More

The 14 actions for hotels in 2014

The 14 actions for hotels in 2014

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Here are my 14 actions that our analytic hospitality executives should put on their “to do list” in 2014.  Five are higher-level – helping you Read More