Five Online Reputation Management

Five Online Reputation Management Tools to Help You Preserve Your Company’s Good Name

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Web 2.0 has revolutionized the way news is created nowadays and the way it’s shared across the Web’s communities. Sometimes, it takes just one tweet Read More

Hospitality Industry Trends for 2013

Top 10 Hospitality Industry Trends for 2013

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The landscape is evolving quickly as content marketing replaces advertising campaigns, mobile merges even more with social networks and travelers are open to spending more Read More

From Pricing Complaints to Personal Attacks  How to Respond to Challenging Guest Reviews

From Pricing Complaints to Personal Attacks: How to Respond to Challenging Guest Reviews

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Responding to online reviews has become routine for many hoteliers, and yet every once in a while a real zinger comes along that makes you Read More

The 8 Things You Should Never Say to a Client

The 8 Things You Should Never Say to a Client

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They say words make up just 10 percent of communication, while things like body language and voice inflection make up the majority. But words are Read More

Thinking Differently in Hospitality

Thinking Differently in Hospitality

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  Working with hospitality companies over the years has taught our team to always expect the unexpected; regarding ideas, opinions, egos and random thoughts on Read More

Use Your Smartphone as a Travel Guide

11 Ways to Use Your Smartphone as a Travel Guide

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Mobile technology has become an important part of our modern lifestyle. It has moved from the simple concept of wireless phones that we could take with Read More

Online Traveler Reviews

How To Respond To Online Traveler Reviews – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

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In an increasingly technologically savvy world, it has become second nature for both business and leisure travelers to turn to the internet to research for Read More

Hotel Performance Dashboard

Understanding the New Hotel Performance Dashboard

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 Understanding what guests are saying about their stay at your hotel and what is influencing their perspective enables your marketing and operational executives to determine Read More

Customers Complaining

Meet Your Complaining Customers, What Causes Them To Complain, And How Complaints Affect Your Business

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If you are a manager, frontline or back-of-the-house employee in the hospitality industry, or in any business for that matter that provides customer service, you Read More

under performance

How Hotel Owners and GMs can Change ‘The Top 10 Reasons Why Hotels Underperform’ – Part 2

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In Part I, I covered the first five reasons why hotels underperform in response to what hospitality professionals felt were the top 10 reasons why hotels underperform. Read More