Automation revenue manaement

Revenue management automation for the modern hotelier

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A common challenge for hotels is having too many cooks in the revenue management kitchen. A revenue manager may leave a strategy meeting confident they’re Read More

How to win in revenue management

How to lose revenue in ten ways

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As the old saying goes: “There’s a fine line between love and hate.” The same could be said for your revenue strategy and its ability Read More

5 ways to improve OTA distribution

Don’t Be Afraid to Prioritize Direct Bookings Over OTA Bookings

OTA On Apr 12, 2017  By  0

    The balancing act between third party channels and your own hotel website is often a difficult one. Once you make the decision to Read More

Maximizing RevPAR in 2015 and Beyond

The Merchant Model Effect on ADR, RevPAR & Profitability

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Is stating that the industry standard of ADR and RevPAR “is an imperfect science” a provocative statement? Two ocean front hotels (Exhibit “A”) sit side Read More

Low season

Ways to Ensure Maximum Occupancy During Off-Peak Times Exclusive

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I had the privilege of being invited as one of the panelists during the last Hotel Show held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was Read More

Drive Profitable Direct Bookings

Driving Maximum Profit Through More Direct Bookings

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In today’s ultra-competitive hotel environment, every dollar counts. Any competitive edge that translates into a stronger bottom line is sought out, and every piece of Read More

Use Data To Increase Revenue

5 Simple Ways Hotels Can Use Data To Increase Revenue, How hotels use data to drive new revenue?

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In 2017, it’s clear that the hospitality industry needs to prepare for even more disruptions that will unfold over the coming year. Airbnb, OTAs, start-ups, Read More

8 Key Revenue Strategy Trends for 2017

8 Key Revenue Strategy Trends for 2017

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Even compared to 2016′s chaos, making predictions for 2017′s revenue strategy trends has proved a challenging task! In many ways, 2016 was a year for Read More

Mega Vacation Rental Companies vs Hotel Brands

Mega Vacation Rental Companies vs Hotel Brands

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A study of the “Mega Vacation Rental” business model (companies with a minimum of fifty and often hundreds of rental units) shows some significant differences Read More

Use Data To Increase Revenue

Six tips for a data-driven 2017

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As we approach a year that will very likely be marked with more uncertainty, increased competition from all directions and even more pressure to perform, Read More