Sales promotion

Group Sales Promotions in Ten Steps

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Ten step formulas are in vogue when it comes to conveying a simple guideline for marketers to follow. Here is one designed for making better Read More


The lost Art of Sales Negotiation

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In more than 15 -year “adult” career, I have often enjoyed the opportunity to speak with younger hoteliers about careers, finding some times specially in Read More

back to basics

Nobody told me What is Revenue Management all about?, so Let’s Go Back to Basics.

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Since the revenue management inception started in the early 80’s, thousands of hotels and just about every airline have implementing revenue management successfully.  In many Read More

Profit and Lost

How Profit and Loss Affect the Revenue Management Displacement Calculation and Analysis

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Last week we went through how revenue management can use the displacement calculation with many examples where in most of them at first thought it Read More


Are you also afraid of overselling? You’re not alone

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Introduction As we know, overselling (or overbooking) is a technique used in Revenue Management to offset anticipated cancellations and no-shows (wiki has an article on Read More

Front Desk the Ground Zero for Hotel Profitability

Front Desk: Ground Zero for Hotel Profitability

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Want to increase your profitability, while improving your online reviews at the same time? Then start paying more attention to an area that’s too often Read More

How to think beyond the compset

How to think beyond the compset

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For many, many years, hotels have used their property’s compset (also known as the competitive set) in order to gauge their hotel’s performance against the Read More

Maximizing RevPAR in 2015 and Beyond

Maximizing RevPAR in 2015 and Beyond

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As we enter into the final months of 2014, the global hotel industry is experiencing one of its strongest years of the decade. Most statistics Read More

Business and Leasuier

Business vs. leisure travelers: understanding the differences

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A hotel’s business mix is commonly comprised of a different percentage of segments, such as business and leisure travelers. These segments of travelers are two Read More


Things you didn’t know about RevPAR (or: ARPAR as a better performance indicator)

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       Part 1: The basic concept There are three most popular indexes that are currently used in the Revenue Management science: Occupancy: percentage of Read More