reductions in ADR can yield dramatic increases in occupancy

How can reductions in ADR can yield dramatic increases in occupancy”

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Hotel room pricing is a difficult subject within the larger school of revenue management, and as such it has garnered much study over the years. Read More

Who are my ‘true’ hotel competitors

Who are my ‘true’ hotel competitors?

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Who are my “true” competitors? This million-dollar question is often a central discussion point in boardrooms, during the development of annual sales and marketing plans, Read More

Front office upselling

Why Is Upselling Important? How Can Hotels Improve Revenue Directly from the Front Desk?

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The importance of upselling at the front desk has increased over recent years due in large part to the changing methods of booking rooms. A Read More

Upselling Strategies

Upselling Strategies For Your Front Desk and Reservation Teams

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Even with the lodging industry starting to rebound, most hotels these days could still use another revenue source, especially one that is generated with relatively Read More

how to get your staff upselling

How to get your staff Upselling

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Upselling is something we are all exposed to from time to time. And whether you sell meals, bedrooms or widgets, it’s a technique that can Read More

In Recession Time  Can We Close A Good Deal

In Recession Time, Can We Close A Good Deal?

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In more than 18-year “adult” career, I have often enjoyed the opportunity to speak with younger people about careers, finding sometimes, especially in the slow Read More

100% Market Share Penetration is Not Good Enough

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Hotels often brag that they are running 100% market share penetration.  If a property is positioned well in the market in terms of product and Read More

The Key to REVPAR Recovery – New Business Development

The Key to REVPAR Recovery – New Business Development

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Smith Travel just reported the REVPAR numbers for October and they are not pretty.  Overall REVPAR declined by 18% from 2000 led by large declines Read More