Revenue Management: What is Your Forecast?

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The revenue management position did not exist in most hotels prior to 1990, and even today does not show up in many property organization charts. Read More

Hotel’s Future Performance

Effective Room Forecasting is Key to the Hotel’s Future Performance

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Hotel forecasting is the ultimate resource for anticipating the future performance of hotel’s key metrics – occupancy, ADR (Average Daily Rate), and RevPAR (Revenue Per Read More


The Key to Accurate Sales Forecasting

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  Moving from opinion-based forecasting to fact-based forecasting. Forecasting sales is never easy. There as many reasons why forecasts are missed as there are customers—the Read More

You Forget Your Forecasting Tools

Revenue Manager, You Forget Your Forecasting Tools

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   Forecasting is the process of estimation in unknown situations. All successful revenue management strategies  are based on the ability to forecast demand accurately and Read More

Forecasting the Numbers

Forecasting the Numbers: There's a Lot You Can Do

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With smart ‘future-watching’, you can adjust capacity to reflect the level of expected business. When you avoid surplus staff and unnecessary preparation, there’s a nice Read More

Zero base in Budget

Zero-Based Budgeting in the Hospitality Industry

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  As we enter the 2007 budget season many individual hotels and hotel companies will present to their owners or asset management team a budget Read More