Hotel Website as Distribution Channel, What do you need to know about it

Working with OTAs: The Indirect Distribution Dilemma

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Although perceived as a service industry, hotels today are essentially a real estate business, with owners utilising guest service as a tool to maximise financial Read More

The Impact of AirBnb on Hotels and Hospitality Industry

How can hoteliers win the booking war with Airbnb?

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Let’s face it, there is a real “booking war” going on between hotels and Airbnb for every guest and every roomnight. Airbnb may have won Read More


Eight myths about OTAs

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In recent years, the hotel sector has internalised and accepted a number of statements about OTAs that are imprecise at best, if not completely false Read More


The Future of Revenue Management with the OTA’s Part II, Rev+ by Expedia

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In our previous article, The Future of Revenue Management with the OTA’s , we highlight the rules of revenue management, and the professionals who practice it Read More

Online Travel Agent

OTA’s and How Hotels Can Best Use Them

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A lot gets said about OTA’s and most of it is negative coming from the hotel world. I get it on one hand as I Read More

Understanding Pricing

Pricing intelligence tools offered by OTA's… to trust or not to trust?

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As Revenue Management becomes more and more relevant in the Travel industry and more hotels finally begin to understand the importance of dynamic pricing fluctuations, Read More

5 ways to improve OTA distribution

Don’t Be Afraid to Prioritize Direct Bookings Over OTA Bookings

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    The balancing act between third party channels and your own hotel website is often a difficult one. Once you make the decision to Read More


How to calculate the real cost of each sales channel

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Cheap? Expensive? Are you sure that you are measuring each action you carry out precisely? Grab your calculator and read this. Calculating the costs of Read More


The Impact of AirBnb on Hotels and Hospitality Industry

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The emergence of multi-sided technology platforms, collectively known as the “sharing economy”, has enabled individuals to collaboratively make use of under-utilized inventory via fee-based sharing. Read More

Why are hotels sleepwalking into a state of increased OTA dependency?

Why are hotels sleepwalking into a state of increased OTA dependency?

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For over the 15 years that I have been within this industry, independent hotels here in Europe have been always dependent on agencies – initially Read More