By Taking On Expedia and, are Smaller Hotels Biting the Hand that Feed Them

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This isn’t the first time that online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia and have been in hot water. Only last year a lawsuit was Read More


How Hotels can reduce OTA dependency

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  The hospitality digital landscape is beyond saturated and very much a buyers market. OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and travel meta search engines are extremely Read More


How “grabs” direct bookings from hoteliers

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To avoid any misunderstanding of this article’s title, there is nothing illegal or hidden going on; it is about a real colossus with the staff Read More


OTAs, Reviews and the New Comp Set: A Case Study for Hotels

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 New York’s 155-room Distrikt Hotel was performing well on the major online travel agencies in terms of booking volume, but its default ranking was low, Read More

Mobile Booking

Travel sites take mobile booking to the next level with tablet apps

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Tablets lead next generation of mobile development for online travel As mobile bookings increasingly become more sophisticated, online travel agencies such as Priceline, Hotwire and Read More

Room Key Hotel Brands Misguided Attempt to Become an OTA.

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How many times have I heard the hotel brands say they are going to ‘fight and win’ the Internet battle against the big bad OTA Read More


The Customer Journey to Online Travel Purchase

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    How different marketing channels affect customer purchase decisions, according to Google In the travel & hospitality industry, perhaps even more so than in Read More

Direct Connect for OTA

What Every Hotelier Needs to Know: OTA Direct Connects

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The distribution landscape is getting more complex every day, with everyone having an opinion on what channels are the best and why. One of the Read More


A Call to Arms: How to Shift Market Share from the OTAs to the Hotel Website Part II

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 Launch a Property-Wide “Book Direct” Action Plan Any dramatic shift in market share from the OTAs to the hotel website cannot succeed without a) developing Read More

Market Share

A Call to Arms: How to Shift Market Share from the OTAs to the Hotel Website Part I

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This year, the hospitality industry is in for a lot of pain. OTA dependency continues to plague the hospitality industry, despite gains in the past Read More