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Key Areas to Watch for Revenue Management in 2015

Revenue Management On Mar 17, 2015  By  0

According to the HSMAI APAC, Four areas for revenue professionals to focus on for the year ahead.   1- Distribution The distribution landscape is always evolving and Read More

Incentivize Reservations Staff

Reinventing Reservations: How to Hire and Incentivize Reservations Staff to Grow Direct Channel Revenues

Reservation On Mar 16, 2015  By  0

Direct channel bookings in recent years have become synonymous with online bookings for many hotels, but a closer look at direct booking data shows that Read More

A Practical Guide to Big Data for Hotels

A Practical Guide to Big Data for Hotels

Revenue Management On Mar 15, 2015  By  0

Big data has become a big buzzword. Like any buzzword, all of the talk about big data has created big confusion in the marketplace, and Read More


The OTA duopoly: Priceline vs Expedia

OTA On Mar 15, 2015  By  3

  Online Travel Agencies, better known as OTA, have been around for almost 20 years, so we really shouldn’t treat them as a novelty by now. Expedia was Read More

Google Set to Debut Its Most Disruptive Travel Product

Google Set to Debut Its Most Disruptive Travel Product

OTA On Feb 11, 2015  By  0

The sky is falling for online travel agencies and metasearch players because Google is rolling out a couple of new advertising products for hotels and Read More

Remind Me Again Why I Should Love Revenue Management

Revenue Management On Jan 14, 2015  By  0

I don’t know anyone who has not, at some point, questioned their career choices or doubted the value of their profession.  Actually, I believe that if Read More

Is it time to return to rate disparity

Is it time to return to rate disparity?

Pricing On Jan 14, 2015  By  1

In looking back at 2014, it seems that a major topic at all hotel industry conferences was the seemingly ever-increasing costs of customer acquisition. Numerous Read More


The lost Art of Sales Negotiation

Back To Basics, Blog On Jan 14, 2015  By  1

In more than 15 -year “adult” career, I have often enjoyed the opportunity to speak with younger hoteliers about careers, finding some times specially in Read More

back to basics

Nobody told me What is Revenue Management all about?, so Let’s Go Back to Basics.

Back To Basics, Blog On Jan 6, 2015  By  2

Since the revenue management inception started in the early 80’s, thousands of hotels and just about every airline have implementing revenue management successfully.  In many Read More

Profit and Lost

How Profit and Loss Affect the Revenue Management Displacement Calculation and Analysis

Back To Basics, Blog On Dec 25, 2014  By  1

Last week we went through how revenue management can use the displacement calculation with many examples where in most of them at first thought it Read More