How we Increased Mobile Conversion 33% in a Pandemic Year

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This article explores the rise of mobile bookings in 2020, and how an A/B test on our mobile booking engine resulted in 33% increased conversion Read More


Hospitality Financial Leadership – What Do You Do When the Reservation Phone Stops Ringing in Your Hotel?

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An old GM of mine was fond of this statement. He usually came at it from the other end of this by saying, “Any monkey could Read More

Distribution and Channel Management

Direct and Indirect Sales, Which Channels Hotels Need to Utilize ?

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It is surprising that hotel managers are satisfied with their online direct sales (through their websites) when they ought not to be as there is Read More

Drive Profitable Direct Bookings

Driving Maximum Profit Through More Direct Bookings

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In today’s ultra-competitive hotel environment, every dollar counts. Any competitive edge that translates into a stronger bottom line is sought out, and every piece of Read More

Hotel Spa Reservations Training Tips

Resort Reservations Agents: It’s NOT Our Job To Help Them Find What’s Available, But Rather To Help Them Decide To Book Right Now

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Besides providing reservations sales training and telephone mystery shopping for the lodging industry, many companies have hired me to do consulting regarding their overall sales Read More


Training Your Team For Upselling By Room Type And By Rate Option

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After several years of solid RevPAR growth, most hotels are now seeing the increases slow. Of course each market is different, but this leveling off Read More


[INFOGRAPHIC] Booking Patterns for Independent Hotels: Who, How and When

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Net Affinity’s booking engine processes and analyses tons of bookings every day. Looking at that data, we realized we’re sitting on a whole lot of Read More

Why Guests Still Call Your Voice Reservations Channel And What You Should Do About It

Why Guests Still Call Your Voice Reservations Channel And What You Should Do About It

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If someone would have surveyed hoteliers in the early 2000′s as online bookings were growing exponentially each year, few would have predicted that by now Read More

9 hotel booking trends to watch

9 hotel booking trends to watch

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As the world of hotel online bookings moves forward at a furious pace, it has become harder to track changes and innovations. Equally importantly, it Read More

Drive Profitable Direct Bookings

The New Hotel Mantra – “Drive Profitable Direct Bookings

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You are witnessing an upheaval within the Online Travel Agency space and it doesn’t necessarily spell good news for independent luxury hotels. Expedia buying Travelocity. Read More