Direct Booking

3 Easy Ways to Gain Last-Minute Hotel Occupancy Online

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As hoteliers, you’ve all been there: a group cancels at the last minute and you’re stuck with an excess of empty rooms. As the Director Read More

Direct Booking1

How to make online direct booking your trump card

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There is no fixed formula that can result in better conversion rates for accommodation websites. Rather, it’s an ongoing process that requires clear brand positioning Read More

Online Booking

How to Increase Direct Bookings through your Hotel’s Website

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  In today’s competitive hospitality industry, hoteliers are struggling to get direct bookings with online travel agencies (OTAs) taking such a large chunk of their business. Read More

Book Direct (Without Conflicting OTA

6 Ways to Entice Travelers to Book Direct (Without Conflicting with Your OTA)

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Introduction: This guest post offers simple but effective hotel marketing techniques to get more direct booking conversions. For independent hotels, B&Bs, and guest houses, convincing Read More

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Benchmarking Your Reservations Call Conversion Ratio

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A frequently discussed topic at industry conferences these days is call conversion ratios.  With the increased emphasis on reservations sales development, companies are recognizing the Read More

Making it Simple for Your Customers to Book a Room Online

Making it Simple for Your Customers to Book a Room Online

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Booking hotel rooms online is now a website feature all travelers expect. But the difference of getting a booking without a professional salesperson in the Read More

How to Manage Overbooking…

How to Manage Overbooking… Properly! Part I

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 I have written many an article that slanders overbooking and how detrimental this can be to a hotel’s reputation.  But there are some positives to Read More

How to Manage Overbooking…

How to Manage Overbooking… Properly! Part II

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Check, check, and check again; this is front-of-house’s domain.  Each reservation should be checked time and time again – the guest contacted prior to arrival Read More

Apps for Last-Minute Hotel Rooms

Apps for Last-Minute Hotel Rooms

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SMARTPHONES and tablets are giving travelers a reason to wait until the last minute to book a hotel: discounts if you reserve a room for Read More

3 tips

3 Tips for Booking the Right Hotel Without the Wrong Fees

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   Travelers who have finally gotten the hang of airline surcharges may be overlooking some sneakier culprits that are driving up the price tags of Read More