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Revenue Management of the Future Will Require a Human, a Computer and a Dog: The Role of Humans in the Future of Revenue Management

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Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish Read More

Automation revenue manaement

Revenue management automation for the modern hotelier

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A common challenge for hotels is having too many cooks in the revenue management kitchen. A revenue manager may leave a strategy meeting confident they’re Read More

Maximizing RevPAR in 2015 and Beyond

The Merchant Model Effect on ADR, RevPAR & Profitability

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Is stating that the industry standard of ADR and RevPAR “is an imperfect science” a provocative statement? Two ocean front hotels (Exhibit “A”) sit side Read More

8 Key Revenue Strategy Trends for 2017

8 Key Revenue Strategy Trends for 2017

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Even compared to 2016′s chaos, making predictions for 2017′s revenue strategy trends has proved a challenging task! In many ways, 2016 was a year for Read More

Revenue Manager 10

10 Key Trends for Modern Revenue Management.

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The past few years have given birth to a wide variety of revenue management ‘best practices’ and tools, what’s the equation for success? Two of Read More

How to convert calls, lower distribution costs

Hotel Distribution Cost: The Only Cost Driver That Can Save Your Property’s Bottom Line in 2017

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At the recent Lodging Conference in Phoenix, AZ both STR and CBRE projected a rather bleak picture of where the industry is heading in 2017: Read More

Hotel Sales vs Hotel Revenue

Hotel Revenue VS Hotel Sales !

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Marketing Segmentation has been the standard through which hotels have reported revenues for many decades.  The result is that many executives feel comforted by this format Read More

The Revenue Management Business Process

The Revenue Management Business Process, Designed to Produce Results

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The unique aspect of the hospitality industry when compared to many others is that lodging establishments come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some Read More

Contegency Plan

Hotel Revenue Management Contingency Plan for Recessionary Demand and Decline Eras.

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Last week I wrote about Why Hoteliers Still Considering the Discount Strategies?  The conclusion was:- 1- Discounts are all around us, and as consumers (either Read More

Meta Marks

12 Meta Marks You Should Add to All Hotel Revenue Reports

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In the post 7½ Habits of Highly Effective Hotel Revenue Managers I noted that the best RMs “think like a librarian.”  At the core of that habit Read More