Revenue Manager 24

The future of Revenue Management leadership: What should Revenue Manager know?

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While the hospitality industry has an ongoing need for managers at all levels, the need is even greater for revenue managers who possess the long-term mindset, capabilities and Read More

Essential Daily Tasks of a Revenue Manager

Essential Daily Tasks of a Revenue Manager Exclusive

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In order to be effective as a revenue manager, you need to be multi-tasking. It might seem overwhelming in the beginning but once you get Read More

Revenue Expectation

Evolving expectations for revenue managers

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Attracting and retaining top revenue management talent can be a challenge these days. Owners and general managers often ask me what appears on the surface Read More

5 best practices in hospitality customer service

5 Customer Concerns Revenue Managers Need to Address

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In the first part of our series, we looked at 6 ways revenue managers can use data to make their hotel smarter. However, a revenue manager’s Read More

Revenue Management Big Data

How Should Revenue Managers Use Data? [Infographic]

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How should revenue managers use data? What common pitfalls do they fall into? What are the contemporary “best practice” revenue management techniques and intelligence you Read More

Use Data To Increase Revenue

6 Ways Revenue Managers Use Data to Make Their Hotel Smarter

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What should revenue management decisions be based on? Revenue management decisions, at their core, must be based on data. It’s all too easy for your Read More

Revenue Manager 10

A Day in the Life of Two Revenue Managers

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Recent discussions have been swirling around the revenue management industry and its swift evolution over the past few years, moving steadily past merely filling as Read More

Profile of the New Revenue Manager

Profile of the New Revenue Manager

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Revenue management is taking on a more strategic role in the hospitality industry, with growing responsibilities and new opportunities to expand the discipline and its Read More

Better understanding for Hotel Revenue Manager Job

Better understanding for Hotel Revenue Manager Job

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Revenue management has developed from yield management and market analysis, where it is not secret or a passing fad, but it is critical to maximizing Read More

Revenue managers cautious of same-day channels

Revenue managers cautious of same-day channels

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The booking window in general might be expanding as the hotel industry continues its up cycle, but so too has the share of same-day bookings, Read More