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10 tips to make meetings more productve

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Most work departments hold regular meetings, but how can you make sure this is time well spent for all? Here are 10 ways to improve Read More


How To Communicate In Revenue Management Meetings & Bridge The Gap Between The Audience And Speaker

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Gap… Google tells me it is: “…a break or hole in an object or between two objects”. It is also a revenue manager’s worst nightmare. Let Read More


3 Ingredients To Successful and Flixable Revenue Meetings

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 In the revenue management game, the goal to remain competitive, innovative and consistent can be tough. In today’s revenue arena, we need to adapt and Read More

The 7 Worst Ways To End A Meeting

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As the English proverb goes, “Time is the soul of business.” What are the biggest time thieves in business? Research shows that, next to conversations Read More

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Revenue Management: The Human Factor

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There have been numerous articles written concerning revenue management, and how it affects the hospitality industry. We have discussed demographics, numbers, reports, and percentages till Read More

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The Revenue Manager of 2023

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  Since 2000, the Hotel Revenue Management function has exploded into a mainstream profession.  In just over a decade, however, the “honeymoon” phase with Hotel Read More


Great Revenue Management for Revenue Managers Isn’t a 9-5 Job

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Hotels do not receive bookings on a 9 to 5 basis. Reservations are made all times of day and night, shifting rate structures and demand Read More

Use Data To Increase Revenue

Look Out Revenue Managers, Here Comes Big Data

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Every year, revenue management experts opine on the future direction of their discipline. You would think that a science based so heavily on forecasting, would Read More

Think Differently2

Eight things Smart Hotel Revenue Managers do Differently

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In today’s connected world your hotel can find it difficult to be different. Most hotels are online and they are working with the same channel Read More

How effective is your revenue meeting

How effective is your revenue meeting?

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It’s Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. The boardroom’s booked, the report packages are ready and the “usual suspects” enter the room to participate in the Read More