10 FQA to SEO

The Top 10 Questions Hoteliers Should Be Asking Their SEO Vendor

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With Google releasing over 500 algorithm updates each year and search engine results constantly in flux, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices are always evolving. Read More

New Vanity Site

Hotel Website FAQ #2: What to Expect From Your Hotel’s New Vanity Site

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You have been hearing about the benefits of a vanity site for your branded hotel for years, and this year you have finally allocated some Read More


Using guest content on your hotels site: do and do not do

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With the emergence of social media, and visual-rich website experiences, visual storytelling has become a necessity for hotels to stand out online today. Hotels don’t Read More


Hotel Marketing Cannibalization: Is Your Hotel Website Traffic Eating Itself?

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Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals are all competing for their market share of today’s travelers, who are armed with multiple devices and tools Read More

Push and  Pull Models for hotel supplu chanin

Push / Pull Models in the Hotel Supply Chain – 4 Key things you should consider

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  I recently had the pleasure to attend my first HEDNA conference in New Orleans (14-16 January) as a newly enrolled member, and I came Read More


The small business guide to local SEO

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It’s pretty obvious that choosing a great street location is a crucial decision for the success of most hospitality businesses. Being easy to find is Read More


14 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Hotel Website Part 1

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So you’ve got a sparkling, brand-new website. Great! Now how are you going to get traffic to it? After all, what good is a website Read More


14 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Hotel Website Part II

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8) Include a TripAdvisor review request on invoices Sending guests to TripAdvisor may not sound like a way to get traffic back to your website, Read More

Death by Data: How Misusing Hotel Analytics Data Can Hurt Your Revenue

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Analytics is an amazing and powerful tool. Voltaire/FDR/Stan Lee (depends who you ask) has said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This is particularly relevant to Analytics users Read More

What’s New  part II

What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems Part II

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Continuing our look at What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems, this time we cover two more stars on the software horizon, both traditional and cloud-based. Read More