What’s New  part II

What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems Part II

RM System On Oct 27, 2013  By  0

Continuing our look at What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems, this time we cover two more stars on the software horizon, both traditional and cloud-based. Read More

Optimizing & Personalizing Your Website

Grow Your Direct Online Hotel Bookings By Optimizing & Personalizing Your Website

Reservation, SEO On Oct 27, 2013  By  0

The practice of Revenue Management and having a strategy for your hotel can mean the difference between continued success and failure. Online marketing is just Read More

Web site design

Hospitality Website Design Secrets :Elements of Highly Converting Websites

SEO On Oct 27, 2013  By  0

Your hospitality website is a powerful and dynamic tool. Once optimized correctly, it is a money making machine that does not quit. All you have Read More

What’s New Part 1

What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems part I

RM System On Oct 12, 2013  By  0

Hotel revenue management (or yield management) is the lifeblood of every hotel, small independent to international chain. It’s also an eternal source of stress for hotel Read More

Hotel SEO

It is Time to Burst the Hotel SEO Bubble: What Hotels Really Need to Know.

SEO On Aug 30, 2013  By  0

Hotel search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most debated online marketing techniques in our industry; that’s because its efficacy is hard to prove, Read More

meta search

Meta Search Marketing: The New Revenue Frontier in Hospitality

SEO On Aug 29, 2013  By  0

Background Meta search in travel and hospitality has been around since the early 2000s. One of the earliest examples was Sidestep.com, now part of Kayak.com, Read More

Booking engeen

From Booking Engine To Experiencing Engine, Your Hotel Standalone Site Does It All

SEO On Aug 24, 2013  By  0

It’s time to kick the old Frommer’s guides and outdated maps to the curb and start using your hotel standalone website as a one-stop shop Read More


The Evolution of Hotel Room Distribution

GDS On Aug 24, 2013  By  0

While the old-fashioned channels cannot be forgotten, revenue managers are shifting their focus to the channels that are growing the fastest, such as metasearch and Read More

Googel search

How the Domination of Google Products will Impact Hotel Search

SEO On Aug 17, 2013  By  0

In the latest changes and additions to Google’s search landscape, many hoteliers are finding it much more difficult to stand out on the first page Read More

Mobile Optimization

Crimes Against Mobility: Your Hotel Website Could Be Punished For Improper Mobile Optimization

SEO On Jul 17, 2013  By  1

Last week, Google took another step in encouraging site owners to properly optimize their mobile websites. And by “encouraging” I mean “forcing site owners do Read More