Mobile Optimization

Crimes Against Mobility: Your Hotel Website Could Be Punished For Improper Mobile Optimization

SEO On Jul 17, 2013  By  1

Last week, Google took another step in encouraging site owners to properly optimize their mobile websites. And by “encouraging” I mean “forcing site owners do Read More

Six Technology Trends Revolutionising The Hospitality Industry

Six Technology Trends Revolutionising The Hospitality Industry

Tech On May 26, 2013  By  0

As technology developments continue at a relentless pace, it can be difficult for hotels, leisure providers and those in hospitality to keep up with recent Read More

Direct Connect for OTA

What Every Hotelier Needs to Know: OTA Direct Connects

OTA, Tech On May 25, 2013  By  0

The distribution landscape is getting more complex every day, with everyone having an opinion on what channels are the best and why. One of the Read More

GDS hotel information

Revenue Manager: Maintain GDS’s information and Increase your Hotel Revenue Exclusive

Blog, GDS On Apr 29, 2013  By  0

  Nowadays it become an essential issue that hotels should keep displaying accurate availability, rate and descriptive  information in the global distribution systems (GDS) i.e. Read More

SEO success

A Blueprint to SEO Success: Creating Professional and Engaging Copy for the Hotel Website

SEO On Apr 22, 2013  By  0

The property website continues to be the hotelier’s most important distribution and marketing channel. The main goal of any hotel website is to turn lookers Read More

Top 5 Hotel Brands’ Mobile App Moves

Top 5 Hotel Brands’ Mobile App Moves..When are you joining the League?

Tech On Apr 16, 2013  By  0

Phones have not only got smart but they are making travelers smarter as well. Smart-phones are now being used to search information, make decisions and Read More

Revenue Management Systems VS Channel Managers

Revenue Management Systems VS Channel Managers

RM System On Mar 8, 2013  By  0

There is a great deal of confusion around the plethora of revenue management-related technologies available on the market today. It’s hard to remember which technology Read More

the Right One

Hotel Revenue Management Systems: How to Choose the Right One

RM System On Feb 7, 2013  By  0

During our series on Yield Management Strategies, we covered the basics using simple, easy-to-understand examples. As we emphasized, though, if you’ve been running your small Read More

SEO  for hotels

Supercharge Your SEO and Website Visibility

SEO On Jan 29, 2013  By  0

  The world of search engine optimization has taken several dramatic turns in the past few years. Consequently, successful small luxury hotels have changed course Read More

Hotels SEO

SEO For Hotels: What Hoteliers Really Need To Know

SEO On Nov 30, 2012  By  0

  Most people who work with hotels for any substantial period time inexorably come to understand two major things – First, the hospitality industry is Read More