hotel website’s conversion rate

5 simple steps to boost your hotel website’s conversion rate

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Do you find your website generating a large volume of traffic but not yielding enough conversions? This is one of the greatest challenges many hoteliers Read More


Why your hotel website should offer more than one language

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  Nowadays, the majority of travellers use the Internet as their primary tool for discovering parts of the world they want to visit, attractions they Read More

Financial & Competitive Advantages of an Effective Hotel SEM Strategy

Financial & Competitive Advantages of an Effective Hotel SEM Strategy

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The following article was published in the Spring 2015 Boston Hospitality Review. Published with the permission of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration and the Read More

How to Choose the Right Option for Your Property Website

How to Choose the Right Option for Your Property Website: Adaptive vs. Full Responsive Design in Hospitality

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Today, there are two prevailing “schools of thought” regarding website design and optimizing the hotel website for the multi-screen device world we live in: Responsive Read More

Dynamic content

How Dynamic Content Personalization Maximizes Website Revenues and Increases Customer Loyalty.

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Traditionally, hotel websites have served the same content to all site visitors regardless of their preferences, demographics, and even geographic location; Every website visitor is Read More

increase website traffic

Five tips to increase website traffic without using direct links

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Most business owners understand how important a company’s online visibility is for the bottom line, which is why driving traffic to your website is one Read More

Copywriting Mistakes

4 Hotel Copywriting Mistakes Costing You Bookings?

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In the image-driven world of hotel marketing, it’s easy to underestimate the power of words. Stunning photos grab people’s attention, but well-crafted copy provides that Read More

website conversion

Behavioural economics techniques to improve hotel website conversion

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Attracting new website visitors can be costly and many marketing budgets simply won’t stretch to cover expensive brand awareness campaigns. So how do you increase Read More


Four ways that meta-search can help hotels take on the OTAs

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Meta-search is maturing and has a huge impact on how consumers purchase travel today. It should also have a big impact on how hotels market and Read More

What hoteliers need to know about SEO

What hoteliers need to know about SEO

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With Google releasing over 500 algorithm updates each year and search engine results constantly in flux, SEO best practices are always evolving. And with search Read More