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Meta Marks

12 Meta Marks You Should Add to All Hotel Revenue Reports

Revenue Management On Aug 26, 2015  By  0

In the post 7½ Habits of Highly Effective Hotel Revenue Managers I noted that the best RMs “think like a librarian.”  At the core of that habit Read More

billboard effect

OTAs and the billboard effect

OTA On Aug 6, 2015  By  0

In the tug of war between hoteliers and online travel agencies (OTA), have you ever wondered why hotels just don’t bother working with OTA anymore Read More

The Lowdown on Upselling: Good for Your Hotel, Good for Your Guests

Hospitality On Aug 4, 2015  By  0

  From airlines to fast food restaurants, all kinds of businesses use upselling and cross-selling to enhance the customer experience and maximize revenue on existing Read More

Profile of the New Revenue Manager

Profile of the New Revenue Manager

Revenue Manager On Jun 27, 2015  By  0

Revenue management is taking on a more strategic role in the hospitality industry, with growing responsibilities and new opportunities to expand the discipline and its Read More

Hotel ADR Rise vs Distribution Channels Cost, What Hoteliers Need to Calculate

Hotel ADR Rise vs Distribution Channels Cost, What Hoteliers Need to Calculate?

Revenue Management On Jun 9, 2015  By  0

According to the latest TravelClick data launched early May 2015,  Hotel bookings from individual business and leisure travellers spiked across a variety of digital channels Read More

Top 10 meeting tech trends for 2015

Top 10 meeting tech trends for 2015

Space Rental On Jun 9, 2015  By  0

  Following extensive research among the 355 members of theInternational Association of Conference Centres, the association released its Top 10 Meeting Tech Trends for 2015, which are Read More

Drive Profitable Direct Bookings

The New Hotel Mantra – “Drive Profitable Direct Bookings

Reservation On Jun 8, 2015  By  0

You are witnessing an upheaval within the Online Travel Agency space and it doesn’t necessarily spell good news for independent luxury hotels. Expedia buying Travelocity. Read More


Beyond the hotel performance, How to Identify a Correct Hotel Competitive Set?

Back To Basics, Blog On Jun 1, 2015  By  0

Accurately identifying a competitive set is important for a hotel market study because the data provide both a more accurate perspective on a hotel’s historical Read More

The Secrets to Hotel Demand Forecasting

The Secrets to Hotel Demand Forecasting

Forecasting On May 28, 2015  By  0

Predicting the future isn’t easy, but it’s the key to effective revenue strategy. The clearer the picture you have of upcoming demand, the better you Read More


Why your hotel website should offer more than one language

SEO On May 26, 2015  By  0

  Nowadays, the majority of travellers use the Internet as their primary tool for discovering parts of the world they want to visit, attractions they Read More