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Resolve Conflict1

Can Revenue Management Resolve Conflict between GOP PAR and REV PAR as Hotel Performance Indicator?

Back To Basics, Blog On Apr 1, 2015  By  0

Far in the past for the hotel industry analysis, there were two simple classic indicators used to measure the hotel performance: average room rate and Read More

The right channel for revenue management

The right channel for revenue management

RM System On Mar 30, 2015  By  0

The right channel for revenue management is the channel with the highest contribution, said Erik Weller, SVP of education for Itesso. “The highest net contribution channel Read More

How to convert calls, lower distribution costs

How to convert reservation calls into sales with lower distribution costs

Reservation On Mar 28, 2015  By  0

Hotel revenue managers are looking to reduce distribution costs by encouraging direct bookings; however, most only are focusing on increasing online bookings at their hotel Read More

When is the Right Time to Re-think About Your Hotel’s Business Model

When is the Right Time to Re-think About Your Hotel’s Business Model?

Blog, Hospitality On Mar 28, 2015  By  1

Nowadays many hoteliers are stuck in a commodity mindset, as they find it very difficult to come up with new ways to increase hotel revenue Read More

1 Hotels Brand

Starwood to Launch new 1 Hotels Brand to Complete 10 Brands Set

Brands On Mar 26, 2015  By  0

In an industry game changer, Starwood Capital Group Chairman and CEO Barry Sternlicht today announced the launch of the new mission-driven luxury lifestyle brand 1 Hotels. Read More

Sales promotion

Group Sales Promotions in Ten Steps

Back To Basics On Mar 26, 2015  By  0

Ten step formulas are in vogue when it comes to conveying a simple guideline for marketers to follow. Here is one designed for making better Read More

Top 10 Meeting Trend

The Top Ten Meeting Trends for 2015

Space Rental On Mar 23, 2015  By  0

Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, a division of BenchmarkHospitality International, announces the “Top Ten Meeting Trends for 2015″ as observed by its properties. Benchmark Hospitality International is a leading Read More

Battle for guest experience , Hotels vs OTAs

Battle for guest experience , Hotels vs OTAs

Hospitality On Mar 18, 2015  By  3

The war between hotels and OTAs to control the guest experience has moved on property. The winner of this battle stands to benefit from the Read More


Is It Too Late to Fight Back Against Airbnb?

OTA On Mar 17, 2015  By  0

Despite what many have dismissed as a mere blip on the radar, Airbnb is a force to be reckoned with and we have yet to Read More