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Online Travel Agent

OTA’s and How Hotels Can Best Use Them

OTA On Dec 28, 2018  By  0

A lot gets said about OTA’s and most of it is negative coming from the hotel world. I get it on one hand as I Read More

The Revenue Management Strategy

Breaking Down Silos and Building Up Profit on the Quest for Total Revenue Management

Revenue Management On Dec 27, 2018  By  0

Booby traps and secret passages, solving puzzles and venturing into the unknown. The greater the goal, the harder the journey will be, and the pitfalls Read More

Revenue Management Cycle

The 2019 Revenue Management Challenge

Revenue Management On Dec 25, 2018  By  0

The end of the year may be fast approaching; however, skilled revenue managers have been reviewing the year ahead as each day rolls into system Read More

Staff training

Training, Maintaining & Elevating Top Hotel Revenue Management Talent

Revenue Management On Nov 25, 2018  By  0

Remember that whiz kid in reservations? He had grown up with computers and seemed able to fly around the property management system with natural ease Read More

The Key to REVPAR Recovery – New Business Development

The Different Between RevPAR And RevPAR Index

Back To Basics On Nov 18, 2018  By  0

Let’s start with RevPAR It is the cornerstone of the hotel world and rightfully so. It is the product of occupancy and rate smashed together. Read More

Hotel Social Media Strategies in 2014

The Importance of Social Media For Restaurants

Resturant On Nov 17, 2018  By  0

According to a Cornell University study, 59 percent of chain restaurants and 79 percent of independent restaurants use social media: It’s a booming marketing tactic Read More

The New Generation of Revenue Managers can make Big Impacts in Budgeting Considerations

Why You Need to Take a Holistic Approach to Hotel Budgeting

Budgeting On Nov 15, 2018  By  0

As summer’s warm breezes and lush, green growth transform into the vibrant colors and crisp air of the fall season, another familiar season arrives in Read More

Effective Strategy

Hotel Budget Season: Design Your Most Profitable Channel Mix Strategy in 2019

Budgeting On Nov 3, 2018  By  0

Travel customers have an unprecedented number of options to shop and book hotels, with new competitors constantly jumping into the distribution channel pool. Determining what Read More

Restaurant Management

13 Hottest Food and Beverage Trends in Restaurant and Hotel Dining for 2019

Resturant On Oct 24, 2018  By  0

Big challenges in 2019: More people eating home as restaurant prices outstrip supermarkets’, while paychecks lag behind, sitdown restaurants converting to fast-casual, serving upscale food, Read More

Spa 51

4 Key Points to Identify if Your Hotels Need a Spa

Spa On Jul 27, 2018  By  0

‘A new hotel without a spa? Is that even possible within the hotel brand that we want? Probably not as per brand standards. Seems like Read More