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Destroy Hotel Profits

The 7 Principles Of Food And Beverage Yield Management To Reach Profitability

Resturant On Dec 16, 2020  By  0

It is very common that hoteliers and food & beverage professionals tend to generate revenue eventually. However, there is an underlying procedure to generate profit Read More


What is Revenue Management? A 2021 Guide for the Hotel Industry

Revenue Management On Dec 7, 2020  By  0

In this guide to all things revenue management, we’ll cover everything from the history of revenue management to the best revenue management software, career and Read More

10 revenue management tips

Top Ten Trends in Hospitality 2021

Hospitality On Dec 5, 2020  By  0

Today’s hotel business models look entirely different from their predecessors. COVID-19 is just one earthquake that has jolted the landscape this year. The hotel industry Read More

How to get revenue management right for 2021

How to Get Revenue Management Right for 2021

Blog, Revenue Management On Dec 4, 2020  By  0

Here we are again with our yearly opinion article about how to get revenue management right for 2021. The last few months with the COVID-19 Read More

Why Guests Still Call Your Voice Reservations Channel And What You Should Do About It

Leveraging PMS Technology Integration to Increase Hotel Revenues in 2021

Tech On Dec 4, 2020  By  0

Budget season for hotels this year is a tedious affair with COVID-19 hindering us from using previous year’s data and operational playbooks to accurately forecast Read More


4 Reasons GOPPAR Should Be on Your List of KPIs

Uncategorized On Dec 2, 2020  By  0

With the pandemic still raging and hotel operations still in flux, hoteliers are still left figuring out what to do next. Churning out profit in Read More


Which Google services are right for my Hotel?

Google+ On Nov 30, 2020  By  0

Google has been the largest part of hotels’ marketing toolkits for almost as long as there has been digital marketing. Now, as the hospitality sector Read More

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Revenue Optimization for a Restaurant to be Financially & Economically Successful!

Resturant On Oct 20, 2020  By  0

I have observed in recent years that a restaurant or a food business losses revenue and customer satisfaction which is influenced by the team’s ability Read More

10 revenue management tips

10 Tips for Hotel Operations Team during Coronavirus Outbreak Exclusive

Blog, Hospitality On Mar 22, 2020  By  0

At the start of 2020, the hotel industry’s show growth and rising revenue looked vulnerable. Now the spread of the coronavirus threatens to make it Read More


Coronavirus survival tips for hotels

Hospitality On Mar 15, 2020  By  0

How should hotels respond to the current coronavirus situation? Occupancies are down, mass gatherings have been canceled and tourist arrivals have dropped. I decided to Read More