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A Ten-Step Program

A Ten-Step Program for Easing Your Hotel’s OTA Dependency

OTA On Sep 1, 2010  By  0

These days, bashing online travel agencies has become a popular sport. The likes of Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline are being blamed for commoditizing hotels, for Read More

Channel Management  Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Channel Management: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

RM System On Aug 26, 2010  By  0

f you run an accommodation business then it is highly likely you are using a channel management tool of some description or are at least Read More

Hotel Distribution Idea

It’s Official: The Dumbest Hotel Distribution Idea!

GDS On Jul 31, 2010  By  0

In my previous articles I have argued that certain hotel distribution ideas and channels are not only detrimental to the hotel industry from a pricing Read More

The Importance of Revenue Management Principles

The Importance of Revenue Management Principles

Revenue Management On May 16, 2010  By  0

Ask any hotel general manager (and certainly every revenue manager) and they’ll explain exactly how important revenue management is to running a profitable lodging enterprise.  Read More


Can Hoteliers Take Back The Initiative From OTAs?

OTA On May 15, 2010  By  0

Since 2008, OTAs have increased their market share in hotel distribution by nearly 45%. This is a serious setback for the hospitality industry and a Read More


Revenue Management for Dummies (like me) – Part Two

Revenue Management On May 12, 2010  By  0

Knowing Why is More Important than Knowing How I received such an overwhelming response from my last article on revenue management; I thought this might Read More

A Social Media Refresh for Hotels

A Social Media Refresh for Hotels

Social Media On May 10, 2010  By  0

Social media programs tend to start with a flurry of activity and then either take over our life or fade into obscurity. At one end Read More

Golf 9

Basic Yield Management For Golf Industry Part I

Golf On May 6, 2010  By  0

Abstract For more than 20 years, yield management has been an indispensable tool for increasing profits within the highly competitive airline industry. The technique has Read More


Basic Yield Management For Golf Industry Part II

Golf On May 6, 2010  By  0

Application within Other Industries The practice of yield management began to expand beyond the airline industry starting in the early 1990s. Hotels, cruise lines, car Read More

Golf 4

Basic Yield Management For Golf Industry Part Part III

Golf On May 6, 2010  By  0

  Demand Management Decisions Central to yield management are the decisions needed to estimate demand and its characteristics, and to manage that demand using price Read More