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Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry Part II

Revenue Management On Apr 10, 2010  By  0

How does it all work? Market Segment Identification: The first and foremost step in a hotel RM system is the identification of the various market Read More

Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry

Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry Part I

Revenue Management On Apr 10, 2010  By  0

  introduction When you stayed in that luxury hotel during your last vacation, did you check what your neighbor paid for her room? If she Read More

Golf 10

Golf in the Millennium: Boom or Bust? Yield Management: Maximize Play And Revenue

Golf On Apr 2, 2010  By  0

Public golf courses have a limited number of tee times each day. Once they expire, the opportunity for selling them is lost forever. Times are Read More

10 Steps

10 New Budgeting Steps For 2010

Budgeting On Apr 1, 2010  By  0

The budget presentation season is upon us and the outlook is as uncertain as ever.  Many owners/investors are not able to pay their debt service Read More


The Key to Accurate Sales Forecasting

Forecasting On Mar 31, 2010  By  0

  Moving from opinion-based forecasting to fact-based forecasting. Forecasting sales is never easy. There as many reasons why forecasts are missed as there are customers—the Read More


Revenue Management for Dummies… (Like Me)

Revenue Management On Mar 27, 2010  By  0

Now don’t get me wrong, I really don’t think any of my readers are dummies, but some of the revenue management articles I’ve read lately Read More

Distribution and Channel Management

Distribution and Channel Management: Revenue Managers as Agents of Change

Revenue Manager On Mar 26, 2010  By  0

Revenue management in its present day format did not exist until the mid 90′s. Propagated as the ultimate tool to optimize seating capacity and revenue Read More

First steps for Pricing Strategies

Uncategorized On Mar 23, 2010  By  0

  There are many ways to price a product. Let’s have a look at some of them and try to understand the best policy/strategy in Read More


Revenue Management: Tactical Discounting

Pricing On Mar 23, 2010  By  0

Discounting in the tactical context is done to maximize revenue generation in the short term. If a hotel believes that downward rate adjustments will provide Read More


Increasing Food and Beverage Revenues in Hotels

Resturant On Mar 16, 2010  By  0

There are many reasons why hotel Food and Beverage profits are not what we would like them to be. Foremost among them is usually the Read More