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Rate Integrity

Rate Integrity shouldn’t be the first thing to go (nor should your Rev Manager)

Pricing On May 19, 2009  By  0

Seriously…. where are our revenue managers? I know, in these times, you cannot maintain total rate integrity without looking like an out of touch management Read More

Facebook for hotels 8

Facebook for Hotels – What are we trying to achieve? So far… seems to be nothing.

Facebook On May 15, 2009  By  0

  Okay so I am really frustrated.  Well… that’s dramatic.  I am more confused, and too busy to gesticulate in the air and ask this Read More

where your customer is

Do you know where your customer is? Or Knowing where your business originates

Hospitality On May 4, 2009  By  0

Gandhi is best known as a spiritual leader and activist that gained a following because his ideas on peace and his peaceful civil disobedience inspired Read More


Are You Still Discounting? You Might Gain Some Occupancy, But Lose RevPar to Your Competition

Pricing On Mar 27, 2009  By  0

Several months ago, a study presented by Cornell University and Smith Travel research, re-affirmed what many of us already believed to be true; Discounting to Read More

Banquet strategy

“A baker’s dozen” of strategies for hotel banquet managers

Space Rental On Mar 4, 2009  By  0

Over the past three years, this columnist/hotelier has prepared a series of articles that have offered insights into specific tasks and duties facing many departments Read More

web site search ability

What is your hotel website's search ability?

SEO On Feb 26, 2009  By  0

Today, more than ever before, hotels need the exposure and marketing power that only the Internet can provide from a cost-effectiveness standpoint. Your website may Read More

The outlook for the hotel industry during the current stagnant economy

The outlook for the hotel industry during the current stagnant economy

Blog On Jan 11, 2009  By  0

Given the current state of the economy, and the growing consensus that a recession is near, if not here, what is the outlook for the Read More

guest experince

How to address the “guest experience” with your staff!

Hospitality On Dec 10, 2008  By  0

  Starbucks, once the darling of Brand excellence, devalued, and now on a tentative ascension, was never about the coffee.  It was about the Experience Read More

first impression

Customer experience: if at first impression you don't succeed … You better try again

Hospitality On Nov 24, 2008  By  0

To begin with, please excuse my mangling of the time-honored maxim “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” in the headline. I fear Read More

The impact of flexible pricing on forecast accuracy

The impact of flexible pricing on forecast accuracy

Blog, Pricing On Nov 11, 2008  By  0

Flexible pricing, flat rate, dynamic pricing ,and floating rates, all Revenue Management (RM) must begin with a scientific approach to developing a pricing strategy or Read More