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Spa Revenue (Yield) Management.

Spa On Jan 25, 2008  By  0

This is zeroing in on the best mix of services and products to sell at given times to generate the highest revenue and profit. All Read More


How to Price: A Guide to Pricing Techniques and Yield Management

Books On Jan 14, 2008  By  0

  About the Book ” How to Price: A Guide to Pricing Techniques and Yield Management : This book provides an extremely valuable introduction to ‘the Read More

The Future of Pricing

The Future of Pricing – How Airline Ticket Pricing Has Inspired a Revolution

Books On Nov 7, 2007  By  0

About the Book A story about science, technology, and people, The Future of Pricing provides an inside look at how airlines price tickets and how Read More

Revenue Manager 6

Habits of highly successful Revenue Managers

Revenue Manager On Sep 23, 2007  By  0

 Life used to be relatively simple for hotel revenue managers – the daily disciplines were relatively straightforward – check the reports, balance the inventory, check Read More

The Pricing and Revenue Management of Services

The Pricing and Revenue Management of Services: A strategic approach

Books On Jul 30, 2007  By  0

About the Book In a world of changing lifestyles brought about by new services, technology and e-commerce, this book enters the arena of contemporary research Read More

Forecasting the Numbers

Forecasting the Numbers: There's a Lot You Can Do

Forecasting On Apr 2, 2007  By  0

With smart ‘future-watching’, you can adjust capacity to reflect the level of expected business. When you avoid surplus staff and unnecessary preparation, there’s a nice Read More

Hotel Revenue  Management

Hotel Revenue Management is Now More Important than Ever

Revenue Management On Mar 26, 2007  By  0

I first introduced “Revenue Management for Dummies” in 2006. My goal was to break down some simple steps to improve hotel profitability by focusing on Read More

Rules 1

Revenue Rules Part II

Revenue Manager On Jan 23, 2007  By  0

 Who’s Calling the Shots? One of the biggest frustrations for planners is when salespeople say, “I have to check with my revenue manager.” It’s a Read More

Revenue Rules

Revenue Rules Part I

Revenue Manager On Jan 23, 2007  By  0

 Cheryl Geib has never met a hotel revenue manager, but she is quite familiar with them. Just last year, Geib, national travel and meeting manager Read More

Revenue Manager 23

What Makes a Good Revenue Manager? More Than You Think

Revenue Manager On Oct 4, 2006  By  0

The best revenue manager can raise RevPAR 3 to 7%. Use these tips to spot top talent and improve your chain’s bottom line Hospitality’s quest Read More