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Revenue Rules Part II

Revenue Manager On Jan 23, 2007  By  0

 Who’s Calling the Shots? One of the biggest frustrations for planners is when salespeople say, “I have to check with my revenue manager.” It’s a Read More

Revenue Rules

Revenue Rules Part I

Revenue Manager On Jan 23, 2007  By  0

 Cheryl Geib has never met a hotel revenue manager, but she is quite familiar with them. Just last year, Geib, national travel and meeting manager Read More

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What Makes a Good Revenue Manager? More Than You Think

Revenue Manager On Oct 4, 2006  By  0

The best revenue manager can raise RevPAR 3 to 7%. Use these tips to spot top talent and improve your chain’s bottom line Hospitality’s quest Read More

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Introduction To Revenue Management In The Golf Industry Part III

Golf On Sep 26, 2006  By  0

Source Golf Course Fixed price, unpredictable duration Golf courses have only in the past few years started applying revenue management. Due to the industry Read More

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Introduction To Revenue Management In The Golf Industry Part II

Golf On Sep 26, 2006  By  0

Source Restaurant Fixed pricing, variable duration Why are restaurants suitable for Revenue Management? Restaurants are perfect for Revenue management because they satisfy all required Read More

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Introduction To Revenue Management In The Golf Industry Part I

Golf On Sep 26, 2006  By  0

Source Companies using revenue management have reported an increase in revenue of 2-5 and in the golf industry these increases can be substantial (Pehlchen, Read More

Zero base in Budget

Zero-Based Budgeting in the Hospitality Industry

Forecasting On Aug 31, 2006  By  0

  As we enter the 2007 budget season many individual hotels and hotel companies will present to their owners or asset management team a budget Read More


The Spread of Yield Management Practices: The Need for Systematic Approaches

Books On Oct 2, 2005  By  0

  About the Book Yield management has always been considered a teclinique for large companies, whether these be airlines, railroad, car rental or hotel companies. Read More

Pricing and Revenue Optimization

Pricing and Revenue Optimization

Books On Aug 5, 2005  By  0

  This is the first comprehensive introduction to the concepts, theories, and applications of pricing and revenue optimization. From the initial success of “yield management” Read More

Considerations for Evaluation

Revenue Management Systems — Considerations for Evaluation

RM System On Jul 7, 2005  By  0

A recent Cornell University Study found “hotels that price above their local competitors to be the most aggressive revenue managers. (This study) – also suggests Read More