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Top 10 Global Highlights of 2015

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STR is proud to present our infographic which highlights how the global hotel industry scene was shaped in 2015.

Explore all the data insights for 2015 alongside all the expert information you need for a successful 2016.

Global currency battle

2015 witnessed a battle of currencies around the world, including the sudden unpegging of the Swiss Franc, the weakening of the Euro and the Japanese Yen, the strengthening of the US Dollar and the British Pound, the devaluation of the Russian Ruble and the Chinese Renminbi. Devaluation, accompanied by high inflation, also affected South America. The USD – Euro conversion showed significant fluctuations throughout 2015. On 12 January 2016, the Euro was 0.91707 to the US Dollar, according to Oanda.com. The global currency battle had advantages and disadvantages for the international travel and tourism industry, impacting the dynamics of the hotel industry.

Paris Terror Attacks

As a result of the terror attacks, the occupancy level in Paris immediately dropped from 77.1% on Friday 13th November to 36.1% on 22nd November, before picking up again towards the beginning of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. Other European cities, such as London or Brussels, also felt the impact. 

Milan Expo

Milan achieved records during the World Expo 2015. Aggregated data for Milan from May through October showed a +51.1% increase in Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) when compared with the same period in 2014.

Chinese visitors 

Despite the devaluation of the Chinese Renminbi during the summer, data collected by Tourism Economics showed that Europe was estimated to see a +30% increase in the number of Chinese visitors in 2015. The last time such level had been experienced was in 2011.

Demand drop in Central and South America

Political instability, loss of value in currencies, heavy reliance on domestic travel, Brazil’s post-Football but pre-Olympic year…were some of the various reasons behind a demand drop in Central and South America. While supply was strong in the region with a +2.5% growth, demand declined by -1.3% for November YTD 2015.

Russian Travellers

The devaluation of the Russian Rouble had a positive impact on the country’s domestic travel. Overall, November YTD RevPAR for Russia increased by +12.1%. RevPAR in Sochi grew by +84.5% YTD, followed by Saint Petersburg (+24.5%) and Moscow Central (+15.9%). However, outbound travel became more expensive due to the unfavourable currency conversion, which led to a decline of Russian visitors to international destinations. 

Pipeline growth in Middle East and Africa (MEA)

MEA is the strongest continent in terms of under-contract pipeline growth with an increase of +51% on top of existing supply.

Worldwide Profit & Loss (P&L) 

TrevPAR and GOPPAR increased by at least +3.6% across all five continents in 2014. In 2015, interests in P&L benchmarking report increased by, on average, +14% across Non-North American continents. 

US Pipeline 

The number of under-contract rooms was up from November 2014 by +11% to 457,000 rooms in November 2015. 

US Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

All November YTD KPIs are at all-time highs in the US. The highest Average Daily Rate for any given month in 2015 was October at $124.04.

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