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Top 5 Ideas for Restaurant Promotions

May 7, 2012  By 

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 Here are some ideas to get started creating smarter promotions with Closely:

1. Take your offline promotions online – Increase your online presence and following

You probably run daily or weekly specials and promote special events at your establishment. Closely makes it easy to take these offers online, empowering you to reach customers who increasingly access information about local businesses from their computer or mobile device. Simply create online offers and post them regularly (and automatically) on your social networks to remind your patrons of your offers and attract them with your specials. Your online offers will supplement your offline efforts to increase your overall reach and visibility. Offers may include:

  • - Today’s specials
  • - Weekly and seasonal specials
  • - Kids eat free days
  • - Happy Hour
  • - Special Events

Also keep in mind that online promotions provide a great incentive for customers to like you or follow you online. More customers in your social networks can lead more cost effective marketing going forward!2. Promote your restaurant to a wider audience – Attract new customers

If you are looking to attract new customers, simply choose the Premium Distribution feature for your deals. Premium Distribution adds your deals to aggregated email list whose subscribers have opted in to receive email promotions from local businesses. Your deals may also be posted on websites that reach a local consumer audience. You will be able to capture the email address of customers who purchase the deals to promote to them via your own email marketing efforts in the future.

3. Increase your yield – Manage your resources

You want to ensure that your staff is busy and our restaurant filled with patrons to run an efficient business. Use Closely to:

  • - Fill up the slower times: Run offers for special days and times and set up deals with bonus times, where customers will receive more value for their voucher than at other times.
  • - Run special deals for perishable inventory: If you have items that need to be sold and don’t have enough reservation or patrons in your restaurant, create a special offer for it. Offers and deals can go live immediately!

4. Increase revenue per customer

When increasing revenue is a goal, upselling to existing customers is one way to accomplish this. Closely can help as follows:

  • - Bring customers back more often: Increase awareness of your offers and deals by posting them online, on your website, and by distributing them via email.
  • - Create deals for drinks, appetizers, or desserts: Upsell items to your customers that they may not typically purchase.
  • - Give larger discounts for larger groups: Encourage your customers to bring in friends. You control the terms! Whether you create offers or deals, you can add language to the Closely page promising a greater or additional discount for larger groups.
  • - Use short redemption periods: Create deals with a short redemption period to bring customers back more often.

5. Reward your patrons – Create loyal customers

It is typically more expensive to acquire patrons than to keep them. Closely focuses on helping to reward customers and to create a loyal customer base. Here are some ways Closely can help:

  • - Hand a private deal card to your best customers. Create a special deal for something you know they will enjoy! Offering a deal for their favorite dish is a great way to show appreciation. (Even allow sharing of private deals to attract other customers like them– They might even bring in a bigger group next time they visit.)
  • - Or send private deal info with unlock codes by email. Your customers are likely to appreciate this special treatment. While they may be apprehensive about presenting an impersonal daily deal voucher to you, they will be more likely to purchase a deal directly from you, knowing that you want them to have this special deal.


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