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Top Hotel Companies Social Media Performance

Dec 13, 2014  By 

Epsilon Technologies

We at Epsilon Technologies are very proud to present you the rankings of Global Hotel Companies in the Social Media for the period September-November 2014. We used our propriety tool ICARUS to collect the big data generated on social media. In this infographic, we provide three rankings each for Facebook and Twitter platforms. Each of these rankings are based on number of fans/followers, interactions, and recommendations. We also included content on social media that garnered huge success.

Marriott International managed its social media very efficiently. Of the six rankings, Marriott leads in total number of fans on Facebook, however came very close second for followers on Twitter. Hilton Hotels, on the other hand, is the leader in Twitter fans and second in Facebook followers. Marriott was very successful in keeping its fans and followers engaged on both Facebook and Twitter. It also received most number of recommendations on both the platforms. Hilton Hotels was a close second in these categories.

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