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What’s New in Hotel Revenue Management Systems part I

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Hotel revenue management (or yield management) is the lifeblood of every hotel, small independent to international chain. It’s also an eternal source of stress for hotel managers, even those who are good at it.

These days, though, you don’t have to spend hours poring over spreadsheets, punching a calculator, or consulting a crystal ball. Modern hotel revenue management software systems have taken out much of the guesswork while retaining the ability to customize for your unique facility.

Here are a few hotel revenue management systems creating a buzz right now:

Frontdesk Anywhere

These days, it’s all about the cloud, and hotel revenue management software developers are aiming for “cloud nine” when it comes to making your job easier and more mobile.

One of Frontdesk Anywhere’s strongest features is its ability to integrate hotel revenue management and hotel global distribution channel management into one seamless application. The software keeps an eye on room availability, and analyzes all available data to assign the up-to-the-minute optimum room rate in a snap. It also covers all the bases: if the room rate changes on one distribution channel, it automatically hits the web to make sure room rates are consistent on all channels.

There’s also a social media app that allows potential customers to find your hotel and book a room – right from Facebook. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, Frontdesk Anywhere has it covered.

IDeaS Revenue Solutions

IDeaS seeks to help small chain or independent hotel managers to maximize revenue on each and every room night. No more giving in to the temptation to “say yes to the guest”—any guest—just to fill up your hotel. Tapping into the most up-to-date data available, plus razor-sharp data analysis and uncannily accurate forecasting, IDeaS helps you bring the right guests through the doors: guests who are prepared to pay the right price for the right room.

This hotel revenue management system offers the manager a choice of room rate solutions, letting the manager choose the best one based on an instinctive knowledge of the big picture, while leaving the hard-core number crunching to science-based algorithms.

While the software is easy to learn and use, IDeaS doesn’t just send you a package and leave you to plug and play. Real live consultants can come to your facility to help you customize the software to your needs.

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