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Ira is the VP of Business Development at iRates , a successful Revenue Manager at multiple hotel properties. She was selected as Top 5 Revenue Managers in the country in 2013 by HSMAI. With a background in sociology and marketing research, she has been able to apply her knowledge and experience to the hotel industry and develop many innovative ideas.

Ira has developed a new index for profit maximization (Adjusted RevPAR) and teamed up with a group of R&D developers to design a revolutionary automated Revenue Management tool – iRates, a new-generation software based on the fusion of Revenue Managers’ expertise and contemporary Computer Intelligence algorithms of Machine Learning. Ira has MA in Sociology, MBA, 10 years of experience in hospitality Revenue Management, she is a professional Revenue Management consultant, Certified Revenue Manager and Certified Hospitality Administrator. She is a very dynamic and unique person and dedicates herself to the hospitality industry with deep interest and passion, constantly growing as a professional and providing her input into the field of Revenue Management.

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