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Sheryl E. Kimes is a professor of operations management in the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. From 2005-2006, she served as interim dean of the Hotel School and from 2001- 2005, she served as the school’s director of graduate studies. She teaches courses in restaurant revenue management, advanced revenue management, service operations management and advanced hospitality operations management.

Dr. Kimes’s research interests include revenue management and forecasting in the restaurant, hotel, and golf industries. She was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the College of Service Operations of the Production and Operations Management Society and was honored with the Industry Relevance Award by the Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research in 2010.

Dr. Kimes was awarded the La Quinta Research Fellowship, and has received 20 university research grants. She has been listed in Who’s Who and has been named as the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration Graduate Teacher of the Year three times.

Dr. Kimes has published more than 50 articles in leading journals such as Interfaces, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Operational Research, and the Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly. She is the author/co-author of over 30 national and international conference papers and has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences. Professor Kimes serves as a consultant to many business enterprises around the world. Her work is focused primarily on maximizing revenue management practices. She has served the hospitality industry as a consultant to many business enterprises around the world, including Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Walt Disney World Resorts, Yum Brands, The Peninsula Group, Aramark, Starwood Asia-Pacific and Troon Golf. Professor Kimes earned her doctorate in operations management in 1987 from the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds an M.B.A. from New Mexico State University; an M.A.P.A. from the University of Virginia; and an A.B. from the University of Missour

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