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Tim Coleman is Travel and hospitality industry senior executive with expertise in Marketing, Distribution, Loyalty Marketing, and Revenue Management.

Tim is partner at Hotel revenue tools  a Revenue improvement consulting for small and mid size independent hotels.


Tim  is Specialties in Revenue Management, Global Electronic Distribution, Loyalty and Frequency Marketing and Marketing Planning

Recent Articles by Tim Coleman

Use Data To Increase Revenue

Look Out Revenue Managers, Here Comes Big Data

Revenue Manager On Jul 25, 2013  By  0

Every year, revenue management experts opine on the future direction of their discipline. You would think that a science based so heavily on forecasting, would Read More

Take Control

It Is Time for Hotels to Start Taking Control of Their Distribution Channels

GDS On Jan 31, 2012  By  0

For the past 10 years or so, the hospitality distribution arena has been characterized by an uneasy détente between the hotel suppliers and their distribution Read More


Revenue Management: What is Your Forecast?

Forecasting On Jun 30, 2011  By  0

The revenue management position did not exist in most hotels prior to 1990, and even today does not show up in many property organization charts. Read More

Hotel Distribution Channel Players

Hotel Distribution Channel Players – Use Your Channel Partners Appropriately and On Your Terms

GDS On Apr 22, 2011  By  0

The most overlooked aspect of revenue management is the inner workings of the primary distribution channels, like travel agents, wholesalers and merchant model resellers. That’s Read More

Revenue Management Who is Your Competition

Revenue Management: Who is Your Competition?

Revenue Management On Apr 22, 2011  By  0

Excellent revenue management requires a mastery of two variables: external competition and internal booking pace. Every few years, it is a good idea to take Read More

7 Steps to Position Your Hotel in the New OTA Environment

7 Steps to Position Your Hotel in the New OTA Environment

OTA On Feb 25, 2011  By  0

  Recently the blog wires have been buzzing with the war that broke out between a large OTA (Expedia) and a large hotel chain (Choice). Read More