10 daily actions for a highly successful Revenue Manager

10 daily actions for a highly successful Revenue Manager

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A Revenue Manager has to focus on multiple tasks during the week but some of these items have to be done every day. The results Read More

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The Revenue Manager of the Future: How to find the right talent

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It is clear that hotel revenue management is taking on a more strategic role and that the discipline is moving from traditional inventory optimization to Read More


Revenue Managers Adapt to Longer Lead Times

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Booking windows continue to lengthen, shifting direction in 2011 and steadily increasing on both the business and leisure sides through the first quarter of 2012, Read More

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What is a Revenue Director and Do I Need One?

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It was definitely not funny at the time, but years ago when my husband and I were just starting out, we bought a fixer upper Read More

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Are You ready for a Rock & Roll Revenue Manager

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For years, hotels staffed in an orderly, traditional fashion: General Manager, Director of Sales, Front Office Manager.  Almost two decades ago, the Revenue Manager burst Read More

Productive Meetings

A Bakers Dozen” of Strategies for More Productive Meetings

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Ineffective meetings are frustrating, time wasters and often demoralizing. The following is ‘A Bakers Dozen’ of Strategies for using organized team or staff meetings with Read More

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Navigating the Road to Revenues: GPS for the Revenue Manager

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“Navigating” in the Background, Software Allows Revenue Managers to focus on Human-Dependent Decisions What would it be like if you had to provide input into Read More

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The Revenue Manager and Successful Decision-Making

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Decisions.  In all industries, the highest success goes to those who choose wisely based on the most influential and relevant data.  Key to successful decision-making, Read More

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Revenue Manager, the Property’s Master of the Universe

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When I started in the hotel marketing business, the role of revenue manager did not exist. We were all neophytes to the concepts of channel Read More

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From Mobile Apps to Google Travel, and Don’t Forget the FaceBook Booking Widget

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  Distribution channels are channels are changing rapidly making the revenue manager’s job challenging but creative at the same time! Tracking the source of business Read More