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What is copyright?

Copyright law protects original works, such as websites, books, music, paintings, photos and video. A work is “original” if it contains some elements you created and did not borrow from others. Typically, when you create an original work, you own the copyright. As the copyright owner, you can control how others use your work. For example, if you write a movie script, you have the right to, and can prevent others from, copying your script, sharing it with others (“distributing it”), making a movie or book from your script (a “derivative work”), or publicly performing your script as a play or movie. You also have the ability to sell or give away these rights. In other words, you could sell the right to make a movie based on your script to a movie studio.

If you use someone else’s copyrighted materials without permission, that use generally violates the copyright owner’s exclusive rights, and is copyright infringement. So if you create a new work and include parts of other people’s works in it (such as an existing photo, lengthy quotes from a book or a loop from a song), you must own or have permission to use the elements you borrow. For example, if your script is based on an existing popular series, you should obtain permission to use the elements you borrow from the series.

Copyright law is different from the law of personal property. If you buy a physical object, such as a movie on DVD, you own the physical object. You do not, however, obtain ownership of the “copyrights” (the rights to make copies, distribute, make derivatives and publicly perform or display) in the content of the movie. The fact that you have obtained physical possession of a DVD does not automatically grant you the right to copy or share it.

Any articles or news appearing in revenueyourhotel.com contain copyright material. They are meant for your personal use and may not be reproduced, redesign or redistributed without a formal approval unless you maintain the copy rights .

 If you make your own movie, it may include many copyrighted works in it. So, if you decide to make a movie based on your script, you must either create all elements of it on your own, or have permission to use the elements you borrow. Especially keep in mind that photos or artwork hanging on the walls of your sets and music on the soundtrack (even if you own the CD or MP3) may be copyrighted. You should not include copyrighted works such as these in your movie without authorization.

A few other things to keep in mind are:

What happens if you upload copyrighted materials of our websites without permission?

By law, we are required to take down any content you upload onto a website hosted by Revenueyourhotel.com if we learn that it infringes someone else’s copyright. If you believe that we have mistakenly taken down content you uploaded that you own or have permission to upload, you can also let us know that by writing to us

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Finally, if you upload infringing content repeatedly, we will terminate your account and you could face criminal and civil penalties. So please, respect other people’s copyrights.

What if my stuff is on Revenueyourhotel.com website without my permission?

If you believe that anything on a website hosted by Revenueyourhotel.com infringes your copyright, let us know by Contact Us. Just provide us with the information requested and we will see that your copyrighted works are taken down.

While revenueyourhotel.com  makes every effort to ensure accuracy for the copy rights , we can not be held any responsibility  for the content nor the views expressed, which may not necessarily be those of either the original author or revenueyourhotel.com  or its agents.

 I want to share my content, but…

Many of our Revenueyourhotel.com services allow you to share content you create, such as books, articles. Though there is no way for us to ensure that your content will not be misused when you share it online, you may consider making it available under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons licenses are a simple way for you to let people know what uses they can make of your creative works and under what conditions. Creative Commons licenses are customizable based on your preferences and are automatically generated through the use of an online form. The form includes questions such as whether your work may be used only for non-commercial purposes and whether the work may be modified. As such, a variety of licenses are possible. For example, an “attribution only” license allows others to make any use of your work as long as they indicate that you are the copyright holder.

Authorization to reproduce material from sites linked to this website must be obtained from the copyright holder concerned. To obtain permission to reproduce materials from this website, requests and inquiries subject for approval should be sent by e-mail to

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