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How Hoteliers Can Leverage the New Google + Layout.

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Google has recently rolled out a new and simple Google + layout and to see the new changes, you will need to opt in to the latest version when you sign into your hotel’s Google + page.

This Google + redesign emphasizes the Communities and Collections features. You will notice that these two features are at the center of everything that Google + has to offer.

Google reports that Communities, brings in an average of 1.2 million new participants per day and Collections is steadily growing in number as well. It is an undeniable fact that Google + generates a large amount of daily views because of its attachment to Google maps.

With that said, it is critical that every hotel marketer learns to leverage this newest version of Google + in order to reap the most search benefits.Use Google + as effective as possible to make a positive and lasting impression on visitors interacting on this channel.  

Google has designed this new layout with one thing in mind: what interests the user. Therefore, what perfect way to display a user’s interest than in the Communities and Collections feature. These are the features that would most engage a user.

When Google + was initially launched, it was intended to be an interactive social network that would generate posts similar to Facebook. However, with this new simple layout, Google + has shifted to be more like Pinterest..

Similar to Pinterest, Google + has become a more focused, interest-based channel where users can share their interests and follow and join groups that spark theses interests.

For an even more friendlier user experience, Google has decided to make this channel responsive across desktop, Android and iOS. Here are ways that hoteliers can best leverage the Communities and Collections tab:


With the heavy focus around interests, hoteliers need to join or/and create relevant communities. When your hotel participates in a relevant community, you become a thought leader in your local area and in the hotel industry.

Engage and share your opinions with other like-minded users. Joining in travel-related communities on Google +, allow hotels to connect with their audience, whether it be other hotel marketers or travel enthusiasts.

Communities enable groups of people with the same interests to join and stir up a familiar conversation. Use Communities to position your hotel as experts in your local area!


Collections was launched in May this year and has similar features to Pinterest Boards. It gives users the ability to create a space for their interests which are categorized by topics.

For hotels, some collections you may want create are travel-related topics like certain destination spots, family-friendly attractions, outdoor adventure, or historical landmarks.

Once you create a collection, then you will need to encourage users to follow your collection. In your collection, be sure to add eye-catching and compelling photos that will entice visitors to want to follow your page.  

Follow these tips in order to get the most out of your Google + page. Create a community and collection today and share what would inspire your guests.

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