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HSMAI ROC attracts leading Revenue Managers from Asia Pacific

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The 2015 HSMAI ROC, Revenue Optimisation Conference held on April 22nd at the Raffles City Convention Centre in Singapore was a one-day interactive program featuring thought leaders and subject-matter experts in various aspects of revenue management.  

Attendees heard expert insights from the regions leaders into the trends and challenges facing Revenue Managers address questions such as:

1- Building a successful revenue management culture – what is success? Where to start? How to execute?

2- Diamonds in the rough: Mining for talent and filling the revenue management pipeline.

3- Total revenue management deep dive, searching for the new normal?

4- Revenue meetings – do we have a clue?

5- Optimising ancillary revenue.

6- Charting the future and purpose of revenue management within your organisation.

7- Pricing in a social world: How do travellers use reviews and UGC with price to make a purchase decision?

8- Are your pricing and distribution “Best Practices” really working?

eHotelier spoke with a number of leaders presenting at the conference to hear their views on the issues facing Revenue Managers today.  Following is a short interview with Tejveer Bedi, Group Revenue Director of the Park Hotel Group.

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