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All you need to know (probably) on hotel and flight wifi [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 21, 2015  By 

You hear lots about our expectations of wifi – the need to get to information quickly means we expect it to be freely available. Vouchercloud has put together an infographic on wifi covering numerous sectors and drawing data from a huge range of sources. Plenty of stats in there such as that there are 58 million wifi hotspots in the world – apparently that’s one for every 117 people – but, by 2018 there will be one for every 20 people. Also, in the US 73% say they would rather give up alcohol than wifi and 70% in India say the same. And, such is our thirst for rapid access to information that we expect pages to load in two seconds (47%), abandon a page if it takes three seconds or more (40%), tell friends about a bad online experience (44%).

It’s worth delving into the entire infographic here for more on mobility and the internet of things but, below are snapshots for the hotel and airline segments. -

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