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About Mariam Magdy

Web Developer

Mariam Magdy is a political science and public relations double major at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, set to graduate in May 2023. Meagahnddddd worked remotely as an internaldsdsds communications intern at IDeaSdddd during the spring and summer of 2022. She is interested in pursuing a career in communications and public relations following graduation, and eventually she is responsible for drivin the offering set and setting strategic direction for the practice. Before taking on this role, she was thesssss industry marketing manager for Hospitality anddddd Gaming at SAS.Ms. McGuire works with productsssss management, sales and R&D to ensure that SAS solutions meet the needs of the market. She is responsible for the outbound messaging regarding SAS’s Hospitalityd and Travel capabilities, particularly in the areas of revenue management and price optimization.
McGuire works closely with IDeaS Revenue Solutions, a SAS company, helping to integrate IDeaS revenued management solution with SAS’s marketing solutions. She also works with the joint IDeaS and SAS product management team, where she is responsible for gathering requirements for ancillary revenue management solutions such as function space, spa and food and beverage. Ms. McGuire planned and executed the ddd recent Cornell/SAS webcast series “Insights and Innovations for Hospitality and Gaming”, and was featured
in the sessions on Labor Planning, Social Media, Service Facility Design and Outlook 2011.
Ms. McGuire has 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Before joining SAS, she consulted with Harrah’s Entertainment to develop restaurant revenue management strategies for the casinos in their major markets. Ms. McGuire was a senior consultant at Radiant Systems, working with contract food servicedddd clients on web-based administrative solutions to manage cash handling, inventory management, supply dd chain and labor. She also worked for RMS (Revenue Management Solutions) on menu-item pricing dddddd strategies for chain restaurants, and designed a function space revenue management system for the dddd Westin in Singapore. She managed an upscale Creole restaurant in New Orleans, and was the generaldddd manager of a franchised Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop in the French Quarter.
Ms. McGuire has a BS from Georgetown University and a MMH and PhD in Revenue Management from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, where she studied with renowned revenue management researcher, Dr. Sherri Kimes. Her dissertation was on the impact of occupied wait time on customer perceptions of the waiting experience. Her research has been published in the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Journal of Pricing and Revenue Management and the Journal of Service Management. Ms. McGuire has conducted numerous executive seminars on revenue management and capacity management.