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About Noelle Ifshin

Noelle Elyse Ifshin is currently the exclusive real estate agent to a top NY financial services firm assisting in the optimization and realignment of their real estate portfolio – including: rightsizing relocations, dispositions, sub leases and new leases.

Noelle brings with her over 25 years experience in the restaurant, hospitality and real estate industries to the consulting field. She has successfully guided clients through the site selection, lease negotiation and construction process for new businesses. She has been instrumental in growing several companies utilizing many different concepts and was a successful revenue management leader with a national harbor cruise company which operates in several markets across the Eastern US.

Prior to founding 4Q Consulting, LLC, Noelle has functioned in an array of roles for various hospitality organizations, ranging from front and back of house single unit management to multi unit director, as well as company-wide profit management duties. She is equally comfortable over a cross section of volume levels, concept niches and company cultures. Her diverse experience includes Executive Chef Positions, F&B management, catering, large event management projects, renovations and new build outs.

As a result of Noelle’s considerable experience in the development, administration and coaching of profit and loss control systems, 4Q Consulting, LLC excels at cash flow management and bottom line profit enhancement. In developing and implementing company management organization and procedures, we are able to guide financially prudent growth and expansion.

Based on her hands-on operational experience, Noelle designs systems that are complimentary to a company’s existing procedures. They are built around our client’s needs, skills and existing working procedures. Guiding our clients to achieve results, in an efficient, timely manner is the trademark of 4Q Consulting, LLC.

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