6 Instagram Strategies That Can Make Your Hotel A Paradise

12th Oct 2016

NB: This is an article written By : Susan Smith

If you look at Instagram as a continent with 500 million inhabitants, then it will be a shot to the arm when you consider how the following 6 Instagram strategies can make a difference in your hotel business. The rallying point that you need to consider is ensuring that you project your hotel in the light that anyone who comes across your Instagram posts would desire to be there!

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1) Maximize Trending Topics

The use of hashtags gives any topic that trends an edge of visibility. When you plan your Instagram posts, do so from the perspective that will align it with whatever is trending. This does not obviate the need for originality but gives you an opening to explore the mix of search results aggregation.

Whenever you make use of a hashtag, the search engines aggregate all the results with a defined hashtag into a search room. When the topic is searched online, the search engine will display the block of results, giving your hashtag post, a relevance and longevity,

When you get into the fray of trending topics, you are able to optimize the exposure that comes with it and followers can see that you associate with them. It can be #mothersday or #happythanksgivingday. You can gain more followers on this score and garner more customers as a result.

2) Quality Counts

When it comes to the obvious edge that Instagram has in the social media marketplace, it is founded on the boost provided by visuals. Image posts have been proven to get 53 percent more likes; 84 percent additional click-throughs and 104 percent more comments than text posts.

In view of this massive difference and impact, it is absolutely imperative to watch out for quality when selecting images you will use on for hotel’s Instagram account posts. Images that are blurred, unprofessional or negative in tone, has to be avoided. Not adhering to this will no doubt give your image a beating and losing followers will diminish your bottom-line at the end of the day.

You should also be scrupulous with images that tag your brand so that anyone that is undesirable can be untagged as soon as noticed. The image selection and improvement app on Instagram is available for your use and you need to do this to portray a worthy image for your hotel brand

3) Consider Cuteness

There is some positive energy that gets radiated by whatever is portrayed in cuteness and this is one strategy to gather more followers. Your hotel brand can get reinforced when it adopts an adorable animal for its image or as a defined pet policy. This can double your follower count if done with diligent consideration.

Recent animal account reviews on Instagram has shown that the combined follower count of the top ten pick is more than a million. The accounts dedicated to the furry friends are on the rise and you can leverage on this to make your hotel brand soar while you smile to the bank.

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The edge of creativity can also be explored, so consider having well-robed boxer dog –breed exposed to the luxury that is on offer at your hotel and you might be amazed at the response of boxer owners to your hotel Instagram account posts.

4) Draw Some Envy

In this digital age, how you portray your brand is important as this can make a lot of difference when it comes to brand perception. Utilizing Instagram, you can find the edge to make your hotel appear cool in comparison to others.

If you are able to package something distinctive easily standouts in the public eye, then you have something tangible to draw some envy on Instagram. Whether it is some celebrity endorsement you can explore or some event that draws the attendance of A-listers, then you can portray this as some luxe that customers can look forward to.

Use this strategy to create some warm feelings in your Instagram followers that they can enjoy and add to their lifestyle envy trail. Cool photos, unique gait and serene ambience all work to create the desired effects for Instagram posts.

5) The Collaborative Edge

Your hotel is a public venue and since ne will at least at some point take photographs there and broadcast to the world. The use of in-built filters and editing apps can enable your followers create cutting-edge images that you will be excited to showcase.

Take on this platform to encourage your guests to use their phone cameras to snap shots and take images they love as they lounge in your hotel. While this can help you avoid costly photo shoots that comes with using a professional photographer, you can utilize the opening to select the best images arising from this foray.

When your guests take the bait and upload their images on social media, you are able to cut the image of a trend-savvy hotel brand. Added to the comments that will be generated on these user-generated images, your hotel will no doubt receive a mileage of goodwill and new follower requests.

The power of collaboration helps both parties as the guests appear trendy with their posts while your hotel receives the added publicity. These user-generated images can be curate by you and the best pick among them can be shared on your Instagram account.

Another area of collaboration that can help your hotel fortunes is through production of business brochures that highlight your hotel luxury and comparative edge. This serves to promote brand visibility and when strategically placed where people can see and admire them, it provides a leg-in to making your hotel a brand paradise.

6) The Contest Excitement

Customers love the chance to win a contest and the excitement it can generate around your product or service is a healthy one you cannot ignore. In an age where living online is a close-reality, now is the time to try a more hands-on strategy for brand promotion.

The fact that some exquisite content can be generated with photo contest is not in doubt it is one opening to explore in order to improve on your hotel Instagram follower count. Any well-thought out initiative like the Four Seasons “focus on Four Seasons” will be worth the while. They offered participants a chance to win an exotic photography expedition at their outlets along with a free stay.

You can leverage on this plot and assure your followers the excitement of having a new photographic challenge at the turn of each quarter and before long, your Instagram account will be bursting at the seams with numerous followers


Irrespective of where you lie on the Instagram utilization scale, your hotel brand can become a prosperous business with huge brand following if you adopt these growth and limitation-busting strategies today!