An Introduction to Instagram for Hotels

18th Aug 2018

NB: This is an article written By : Gary James

Instagram is a visual based social network which I believe all hotels should be using more of. Instagram is also owned by Facebook, so if you are running Facebook Ads, you can place them on Instagram simultaneously.

I have worked with companies including hotel chains, tourism attractions and even a private island, and my first question to the business is to ask HOW they are using Instagram. In this article, I will share the best tips for Instagram and how to use Instagram Stories.

What to post

Instagram is visual. This means videos and images. Once you have your Instagram account set up, think about WHAT you are going to post. Questions to ask before you post are:

  1. What sets your hotel apart from the rest? Is the location? The decor? The building?
  2. Once you have identified what sets you apart, think WHO your target audience is.
  3. Create images and videos which show off your identified unique selling point.

IDEA: If your hotel is set in the beautiful countryside, why not focus your Instagram account around this. Forget showing off the beds. The reason why customers will come and stay with you is because of the location.

How often to post

There are thousands of online guides that recommend a different number of posts per week on Instagram. What you have to remember is that it needs to be something manageable. There is no point posting three times a day and then not being able to manage this for a longer period.

If you are a small hotel, start with three times per week. This should be manageable long term.

Using hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for Instagram users to find your account. Anyone can search a hashtag and find others who have used it.

When you post your video or image, you will want to post hashtags with it. You can actually include up to 30 hashtags with one post, I would recommend sticking to under 11. Please make sure the hashtags are relevant to what you are posting, and think creatively about what you use.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are different to Instagram Posts. Instagram Stories capture the little moments of your day, and vanish after 24 hours. They don’t need to be perfect and should give your followers a glimpse into what goes on in your world.

The key to producing successful Instagram Stories is staying true to your company’s personality and style.

What you share on your Instagram Story will be different to what you post. Some ideas of what you can use Instagram Stories for are:

  • Discounts and current sales
  • Announcements
  • A sneak peek into your working life
  • Running a poll for customer feedback
  • Behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of your hotel
  • Quick interviews with staff members