How Hotels Can Spark Engagement on LinkedIn

By. Are Morch 16th May 2011

Engagement Touch Points

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Engagement is often activated by simple call-to-action points.

Where can you engage with your market segments on LinkedIn?

– Your professional LinkedIn profile

 – Groups

 – LinkedIn Answers and Questions

– Status updates

– Recommendations

– Events

– Applications

Company Profile

1. Your professional LinkedIn profile

Remember that your professional LinkedIn profile is your flagship. This how you show case yourself to your network.

Make it clear how you can help and add value to people that is researching your profile.

Goto to customize your vanity url. You want it look professional, and if possible use your real name;

This is also valuable towards search engine optimization of your name.

LinkedIn allows you to add some valuable engagement points on your profile. You can add up to three direct links of your choice. These direct links do not derive people that research your profile away from it. So it is highly recommended to utilize all three direct links.

Use links that will extend the value of your profile. *NOTE* Do not use affiliate links, or direct sales links here. Remember you want to engage and build trust.

2. Groups

LinkedIn Groups is collaboration of like-minded professionals who often share the same passion, goals and dreams as yourself. This is where a lot of engagement is sparked.

You can also create a group for your Hotel to start a collaboration community with champion advocates. Add some simple touch points at your Hotel to invite guest to participate in your group.

– Front Desk Social Network Poster

– Business Center Social Network Poster

– Key Card with Social Network info

– In Room Info Folder with Social Network section

– Social Network info on Paperbill or electronic bill

Involve Hotel Staff in the Group. Have a daily LinkedIn activity plan that engage Hotel Staff. Why not add in some inside Hotel Tips.

Example: Housekeeping – provide guest tips that will help housekeeping with a faster and smoother service transaction during high turn over days.

A core Social Networking principle is to add 80% value informing about your trade. And share info from your network and peers. 20% is for company news and updates. It is ok to inform about your product and services, and how you can help and add value. Here you can bring the engagement out, and link it towards your hub. I recommend use a company blog here as your hub.

3. LinkedIn Answers and Questions

Here you establish credibility and showcase your expertise.

Some of the simple strategies here to spark engagement are;

– Listen

– Respond to questions

– Ask questions

– Share ideas

Here are some tips on How To Build Brand Equity With LinkedIn’s Answer and Questions

4. Status Updates

One tip here is to check the settings for your LinkedIn activity feed. Go to settings – select who can see your activity feed – and choose everyone or at least your network.

Tell your networks what you are up to, and ask them questions. Checking in a large group here at the Hotel. What can be done to make check-in process smoother for you?

On the status update there is a limit of 140 characters.

Here I also advice to follow the 80/20 rule. With Social Networking more you give more you will receive. Find creative ways to make yourself receivable.

5. Recommendations

You can engage with your peers by providing recommendations on their profile.

Find creative ways to recommend your connections. I have several connections that provide some excellent training programs that I have participated in. And these programs has added additional value for me, and then I make sure I give my connection proper credit for this.

Be cautious asking for recommendations before you have given recommendations yourself. And a lot of connections require that they actually know you, and have worked with you in the niche you request the recommendation.

Again follow the core principles;

a. Build relationships
b. Build Trust
c. Care
d. Respond
e. Give first
f. Be Receivable

6. Events

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LinkedIn Events is a great way to get your networks engaged with your Hotel.

Events can be held either through a webinar, twitter chat, on your LinkedIn Group or at your Hotel. Be creative.

7. Applications

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Here are a couple of engaging application available;

– Events

– Polls

– WordPress

– Slideshare Presentation

– My Travel

– Tweets (make sure to add your Twitter profile to your LinkedIn profile)

Projects and Teamspaces (for collaboration)

8. Company profile

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Company profile is a great place to find valuable information that you can use for engagement. You can find new hires, who was promoted and the updated news from the brand.

Do your homework, and find new ways to add value to your network.

Weekly engagement check points

– Update your professional profile

– Tweak your settings

– Join groups – Create your own group

– Add new connections

– Daily status update

– Answer and Ask Questions

– Give and ask for recommendations

– Start engaging events

– Daily application activity plan

– Research company profile of your connections

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